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Universal 'K' Brake Sensor Kit For LED Brake Lights for MCS8000C cruise computer

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The 'K' brake sensor kit for LED brake lights - required to make the cruise control work if after-market LED brake lights are fitted to the motorcycle.

There are two different cruise control computers that have been used since about 2003, see the photo showing the two different computers.

This patch kit is for our newer MCS8000C cruise computer.  This cruise computer is in a translucent black plastic enclosure (box), and has been in production since about 2012.  This is the smaller of the two shown in the photo.  Current production no longer has the white MCS label, the MCS logo is embossed into the box.

A different kit is required for our older MCSU400C cruise computer (aluminum enclosure).  This is the larger of the two shown in the photo.

If your bike comes standard with LED brake lights, your cruise control kit may have this module already included.  Contact us for more information.

Click here to see the Universal Cruise Control Parts Ordering Guide

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