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KTM CAN-BUS Diagnostic Plug Dongle Patch Harness - Pre Euro 5

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CAN-BUS Dongle Patch Harness for KTM motorcycles - not for Euro 5 versions from 2021

Many KTM riders install fuel and other dongles to the diagnostic plug on their bikes. The MCCruise also taps into this plug, so to have two connections, a pass-through harness is required to support accessories downstream of the MCCruise connection. To facilitate this process, MCCruise makes a specific connection harness or for KTM motorcycles and will make more for other motorcycles as the need arises.

  • Please read the MANUAL to see how the patch is fitted.
  • Please ensure when buying your new MCCruise you include the dongle patch harness with it, rather than buying this accessory later. Buying at the same time as buying your cruise control reduces the cost of the part (it is built into the cruise harness) and minimizes shipping costs for customers.