• Electric Servo cable freeplay setup and Diagnostic Mode Testing
  • Throttle-by-Wire MCCruise Initial Testing and Calibration after Installation
  • Solving clutch switch diagnostic issues:
Answer: Put the bike on the centre stand.  Put the side stand up (retracted).  Put the bike in any gear (not in neutral). Make sure the kill switch is in the engine run position.
Disconnect the cruise blue wire from the bike’s clutch switch wire.  Disconnect both of the bike’s clutch switch wires from the clutch switch.  Make sure the wires are not contacting anything.
Make sure the cruise clutch sensing is set to Lo:
Put the cruise in diagnostic mode, check it is by applying the brakes and you should get a green light on the switch with brake application.
Press and HOLD the ON-OFF button, green light on the switch.
Press and HOLD the RES button as well, after a few seconds the light will change to yellow, then release both buttons. Light should turn off.
Tap the blue wire to the bikes clutch switch wires.  One should make the green light come on, the other wire should NOT make the green light come on.
If that does not work, try grounding the wire.  The green light should come on when the wire is connected to ground.  If the light does not come on the cruise has a fault.
If it does work, connect the blue wire to the one that does NOT make the light come on.
Connect the wires to the clutch switch.
Try the clutch, you should green light with the clutch pulled in and the light should turn off when the clutch is released.
This should fix your problem unless the cruise is faulty.


Question:  How can I access instructions ts I can assess if I am capable of installing your kit?

  • Answer: Instructions for all our CURRENT kits are available under the INSTALLATION menu item at the links in RED under motorcycles; QuadCruise and Speed Limiters.  You require the Installation manual for your bike AND the appropriate Setup Manual and Trouble Shooting Guide available under Manuals_General.

Question:  The switch LED keeps flashing red/green and the cruise control won't engage!

  • Answer: Press AND release the brakes - if the cruise brake test passes, the LED will turn solid red and the cruise will be ready to engage.

Question: How can I have the cruise control powered ON, when I turn the key on?

  • Answer: See 'Save last ON-OFF state' in the manual here.


    Question: Sometimes my MCCruise  is slow to disengage when I pull in the clutch lever. Sometimes it will rev up for a couple of seconds before it disengages. Is that normal or can I adjust something to make it detect the clutch more quickly?

    • Answer: The clutch switch on bikes activates way after the clutch starts slipping.  That is why we monitor engine RPM as well.  You would likely find most times when you pull the clutch in, the stop code would not be 7 – which means clutch disengaged it, it would be stop code 10, which means rate of change of tach signal disengaged it.  See page 5 of your Trouble Shooting guide for stop codes.

      Basically – it is the best we can do.  The brakes are the best way to disengage the cruise – or the ON/OFF button, which acts as a coast button.

    1. MCCruise Identification, fault detection, maintenance and repair

      • Determining which MCCruise kit you own - after 23 years of evolution, there are many different MCCruise modules, actuators and switches used over time -  this manual helps you know which kit you have.

      • Critical differences between MCCruise computers

      • STOP CODES help you determine why your MCCruise control won't engage, or disengages unexpectedly - all computers from MCS400 onwards (developed around 2002) have Stop Codes (NOT error codes) which assist greatly in determining what might be causing an MCCruise computer not to engage, or to disengage unexpectedly.    The precise codes depend which version of computer you have and are fully explained in the Trouble Shooting Guide for your kit - typically on page four or five:

        Computers used prior to development of the MCCruise modules do NOT have Stop Codes: AP50 - grey plastic box; AP150 - black metal box; CA350 - black plastic box

        V2.79 to V4.35 MCS400 and MCS800 MCCruise
        V4.37BL Vac
        V4.378BL Elec

        MCS8000C TBW (PIC24HJ128 V2.1)

        MCS9000C TBW (AP900) an automotive product adopted momentarily on 2017 which DOES NOT provide Stop Codes - black plastic box

        MCS10000C TBW (PIC24HJ128 V2.0)

      • SETUP Manuals for each computer model are included in the above links with their Trouble Shooting Guides

      • Crimper Instructions
      • Universal MCCruise Ordering Instructions
      • Diagnosing a faulty vacuum actuator - and servicing it: the vacuum actuator used by MCCruise for years is 'bullet-proof'!  It is very rare that the diaphragm fails, but poor fuel quality and lack of use can stick the vacuum solenoid - and very rarely, the dump or safety dump solenoids.  Well over 99% of vacuum actuators can be repaired 'like new' using our simple diagnostic and service instructions. All the info required regarding your vacuum hose system and vacuum actuator can be found here.

    2. Universal MCCruise Controls - background information

    3. Returning goods for warranty repair, replacement or testing:
      In order to avoid taxes and duty when your used goods enter Australia, it is vital that you value the goods to reflect the fact that only some parts of the kit are being returned - typically only a servo or computer - and that the goods are used and faulty.  A valuation of $20 AUD is reasonable under these circumstances and will not attract GST on entering Australia.  You should also mark them as being a 'TEMPORARY IMPORT FOR TESTING AND REPAIR.' Under no circumstances should you value the kit at full price or we will be charged and you will end up paying over $100 AUD in GST applied by Australian customs.

      If goods are found to be faulty under warranty, MCCruise will pay all costs to ship the goods back to you by Post, which takes about 3 weeks typically.  If you require them more quickly, shipping by air courier is possible with the customer paying the difference between Post and air courier.  Postal charges have increased so much of late that often the difference in price is negligible!

    4. Does MCCruise have YouTube Videos to help with understanding how to install their kits? in short, yes, we are building a library to assist:

         Does MCCruise have product liability insurance?

        SERVICE Notice for vacuum actuator MCCruise

        • Understanding the servo helps diagnose the problem and once confirmed this documentation will allow you to correct the problem (often for years to come) with only a 20 minute clean using wood alcohol, isopropyl alcohol or CO Contact Cleaner.  It is vital you understand how the servo works so you can test effectively in diagnostic mode.  So..... if your cruise is playing up - talk to us first if needed.  It will save you a lot of time, effort, stress and probably money.

        Question: Will the warranty be affected if I install the unit myself?

        • Answer: Our kit is designed in such a way that it does not impact on the integrity of the ‘host’ motorcycle at all.  Our kit will not affect the vehicle performance or any of its safety features –ABS etc. – in any way.

        I discussed the issue of warranty with ASIC (Australian Security and Consumer Commission) and it appears that technically warranty is a ‘voluntary’ offer made by a manufacturer – it cannot be legally enforced – but the bad PR if a manufacturer does not stand behind their product is very negative, so they take care to be seen to warranty their products.

        We stand behind our product - 100%.  If you had any issue with bike warranty, we would want to hear about it immediately and would consult and advise the dealer about the issue. The simple fact is that if the cruise harness is disconnected from the cruise computer module, the system is totally isolated from the workings of the bike and therefore any issue with the bike – is caused by the bike - so it is easy to test.  If the cruise were somehow to be the cause of the problem, then we stand behind our product, but in 21 years, despite a few attempts to blame the cruise, our product has never been the cause of a problem.

        We have built kits this way for 21 years, sold them worldwide and had no issues with manufacturers or threats to void warranty.  About 60% of our kits are fitted by capable home mechanics.  If you are capable – and you will be able to assess that using the detailed instructions we send -  then you should have no issues.  Moreover, if you can install the product, we are happy to call you and walk you through diagnostic mode if need be.  That way, everyone is confident all is working properly before you go riding.

        Note that with our model-specific software, you install the kit, go into diagnostic mode and test every function – then go for a ride – it is pre-calibrated.

        Stop Codes built in: Should, the cruise ever disengage – or fail to engage – for any reason, the stop codes included in the software (not ERROR codes) will tell you exactly why it won’t engage or disengages, making diagnosis and fixing the issue so much easier. The computer in effect tells you what is wrong if there is a problem!



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