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  1. Does MCCruise have product liability insurance?

    Yes - MCCruise has global Product Liability Insurance

  1. MCCruise SERVICE Notice for USA customers (mainly)

The corn-based ethanol used in fuels in the USA is causing increasing problems across-the-board in the auto & motorcycle industries and our 'Vacuum Servo' operated Cruise Control is no exception.  It has been an infrequent problem for us in the past, but as our kits are so long-lived - many of them now dating back to 1997 - the problem is manifesting more frequently.

Understanding the servo helps diagnose the problem and if you write to us for our Vacuum Servo  Service Manual, we can provide documentation which will allow you to correct the problem (often for years to come) with only a 20 minute clean using wood alcohol, isopropyl alcohol or CO Contact Cleaner.  It is vital you understand how the servo works so you can test effectively in diagnostic mode.  So..... if your cruise is playing up - talk to us first.  It will save you a lot of time, effort, stress and probably money.

Question 1:

Will the warranty be affected if I install the unit myself?

MCCruise answer:

Our kit is designed in such a way that it does not impact on the integrity of the ‘host’ motorcycle at all.  Our kit will not affect the vehicle performance or any of its safety features –ABS etc. – in any way.

I discussed the issue of warranty with ASIC (Australian Security and Consumer Commission) and it appears that technically warranty is a ‘voluntary’ offer made by a manufacturer – it cannot be legally enforced – but the bad PR if a manufacturer does not stand behind their product is very negative, so they take care to be seen to warranty their products.

We also stand behind our product - 100%.  If you had any issue with bike warranty, we would want to hear about it immediately and would consult and advise the dealer about the issue. The simple fact is that if the cruise harness is disconnected from the cruise computer module, the system is totally isolated from the workings of the bike and therefore any issue with the bike – is caused by the bike - so it is easy to test.  If the cruise were somehow to be the cause of the problem, then we stand behind our product, but in 17 years, despite a few attempts to blame the cruise, we have never been the cause of a problem.

We have built kits this way for 17 years, sold them worldwide and had no issues with manufacturers or threats to void warranty.  About 60% of our kits are fitted by capable home mechanics.  If you are capable – and you will be able to assess that using the detailed instructions I send -  then you should have no issues.  Moreover, if you can install the product, we are happy to call you and walk you through diagnostic mode if need be.  That way, everyone is confident all is working properly before you go riding.

Note that with our software, you install the kit, go into diagnostic mode and test every function – then go for a ride – it is pre-calibrated.

Stop Codes built in: Should, the cruise ever disengage – or fail to engage – for any reason, the stop codes included in the software (not ERROR codes) will tell you exactly why it won’t engage or disengages, making diagnosis and fixing the issue so much easier. The computer in effect tells you what is wrong if there is a problem!



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