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Servo Cable (servo to CIU connecting cable)

Cable Part #/Length
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These cables are only for direct replacement of a failed servo cable for the MCS850 compact electric throttle servo.

The part numbers listed are the same as the part numbers on the parts list for the cruise control.  These are ONLY for use with cruise controls that have a CIU (Cable Interface Unit) fitted.  If your cruise kit has the servo cable connected directly to the vehicles throttle body or carburettor, NOT via a CIU, the part number will be different to those shown here and these cables will not fit your bike.  Contact us for more info.

Our cables have a standard M6 x 1 threaded adjuster at the servo end with a slot in the adjuster for the cable retaining clip. The end for the CIU has a ball nipple that will fit through the servo cable hole in the CIU and fits the servo spool in the CIU.

NOTE: - The photo shows the cable with a retaining clip fitted to the adjuster.  The clip is NOT included with the cable.