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Control Switch Assembly - Slimline

LENGTH of switch harness:
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MCCruise New Slimline Switch

The new switch can replace many existing motorcycle switches or all UTV Speed Limiter setup switch.  It cannot substitute for the existing QuadCruise switches, as the connectors are different.

This switch suits all MCS4xxx, MCS6xxx and MCS7xxx cruise control kits electrically.  It works with the MCSU400C (silver aluminium box), MCS8xxxC, MCS8xxxC TBW and MCS10xxxC TBW (brown/black translucent box) cruise control computers with a black sealed 26-way harness connector from roughly 2003/4 to now.

It does NOT suit earlier MCS1xxx cruise control kits made between 1998 and 2003/4.  The cruise computers in these kits had white unsealed harness connectors of various types and number of connections.

Please ensure your motorcycle has a 10mm gap between the left-side switch block and the clutch master cylinder clamp before purchasing - or that you can move the clutch clamp to accommodate the new switch.

The switch is designed to fit standard 7/8" (22mm) diameter handlebars, but can be modified to fit larger bars up to 1" (25.4mm) as well.

There are two harness lengths available - 160cm (63") or 90cm (35").

Contact us for installation instructions.

Please EMAIL US for the switch installation manual.

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