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A - Cruise Control Computer SOFTWARE Upgrade

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Revitalise your cruise control with new software!

Four years of hard work went into making it and making it retrofit for you at an affordable price. Where else can you get 2013 performance from your 2003 hardware? You don't have to buy a new kit. You don't incur the time, effort and cost of installing a new kit.

Simply ship your computer* back to us at MotorCycle Cruise Controls, 6 Kingston Street, Mount Waverley, 3149, Australia.We will upgrade the software and return it to you by post as soon as possible (if you want it urgently, shipping by air courier is an option when you check out). At only $100 plus shipping you save hundreds of dollars on the cost of a new kit and over a thousand when installation is included!

*NOTE 1: Please check that your computer can be upgraded, or if it needs a COMPUTER REPLACEMENT. If your computer looks like the one in the photo its software can be upgraded if the small label (opposite the plug) has the suffix - V2.83BL. If it's older software V2.79or V2.83(without the suffix 'BL') it CANNOT accept a software upgrade and must have a COMPUTER REPLACEMENT.

*NOTE 2: If the label on your computer has been destroyed and you don't know which one you have - you can tell by observing the back lights on the cruise control switch when you turn on the key to the bike. If there is a pause between the key turning on and the back lights coming on - more than a second or two - then you have a computer which can accept a software upgrade. If the key turns the back lights on instantly, then I regret you need a new computer.

You may have to turn the ignition switch on and off TWICE to be sure. If the ignition has been turned off for a while, the lights will come on almost instantly the first time the key is turned on regardless. The second time, if the back lights don't come for a couple of seconds after the ignition is turned on, the cruise computer is re-programmable.

Please let us know what bike you have (Manufacturer, model & year) in the comments section when you order.





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