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Cruise Control for BMW K1100RS, RT & LT Vac_Upgrade

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LED/Flasher Brakes: No LED Brake Lights

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The cruise control for this model was developed using a vacuum operated throttle servo (vacuum actuator) which it was obsoleted by the manufacturer several years ago.  The VACUUM ACTUATOR has been replaced by our ELECTRIC THROTTLE SERVO, but we have not fitted the new electric servo to this model.  The new servo is a different size, shape and requires a different mounting method on the bike.  Functionally it does the same things, but we do not know how or where it can be mounted on the bike.

As a result, the following processes MUST be followed:

  • this kit now demands an electric servo UPGRADE to be fitted, which takes greater mechanical skill and understanding of our products.  Please do NOT buy until you have read all the documentation and are certain you have the skills to fit this kit properly.  This applies to dealers and retail customers.
  • Finding a suitable location and mounting the servo is the most difficult part.  The servo upgrade instructions provide many photographs of mounting examples and also shows the full range of 'universal' mounting brackets available, but the installer has to decide what brackets, if any, are suitable and order them with the kit.  Two of these brackets will be provided at no additional cost with the kit as well as other mounting hardware such as nuts, bolts, hose clamps, etc if requested and we have them in stock.  We carry a large range of these components.
  • Please do NOT buy this product unless you are prepared to, and capable of, determining what additional mounting hardware is needed to be supplied in the kit (brackets, fasteners, hose clamps etc.) and if possible, what lengths of servo cable and servo electrical wires are required.
    All the brackets and hose clamps available are shown in the Electric Throttle Servo Upgrade Manual and must be ordered by the part numbers shown in
    the manual.
    The length of the servo cable is also required if possible. The Upgrade Manual has a list of the available lengths of the servo cable.
    If possible, we also need know the length of the wires from the cruise control computer to the throttle servo.
    If these lengths are not supplied by the purchaser, a long cable and long wires will be supplied in the kit and the installer will have to modify these parts to suit the installation.  Instructions for making up a servo cable and modifying wire lengths are in the Servo Upgrade Manual.
    The original model-specific Vacuum Installation Instructions show where all the other parts of the cruise control are mounted on the bike.  This can be used to determine the length of the servo cable and wires required.
    The parts you require, and length of cables and wires need to be specified with your order (in the notes page) or in a single email sent after your order is placed

The motorcycle cruise installation instructions and specific cruise manuals and supporting documents can be found here.

Download the Brochure now:
Click here for the vehicle brochure
The electronic cruise control unit is shipped worldwide with all parts, parts list and detailed installation instructions for this kit.

If your bike is fitted with (or you plan to fit) LED brake lights or a brake-light modulator, then a modification to the wiring harness is required to make the cruise control work. Please select the LED brake light option before adding your purchase to the Cart.

Purchase of the Utilux #61 roll crimper is recommended. This Electronic Cruise Control unit is specifically designed for the vehicle, except for one or more spliced terminations on the wiring harness which must be completed by the installer.
Download the Utilux Instructions:
Click here to see the Utilux crimper instructions

Download the Parts List now:
Click here for more information on this Motorcycle Cruise Control

    Customer Reviews

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    Stan Adams
    Works great on my 1997 BMW K1100LT - best upgrade ever!

    This is by far the best option that I have added to my motorcycle. The kit is very well made, the detailed documentation is very good with lots of photos, and the installation was relatively easy. Installing the wiring harness for the cruise was straightforward and required NO WIRES to be cut or spliced! Simple plug and play. The system of connecting the cruise to the throttle is very well engineered and should last for many years without any problems. The kit comes complete with everything you need and if you are the least bit mechanically inclined, you should have no problem installing it. If you do have questions, I found that an email to the support team was quickly replied to and most helpful. The cruise control is definitely well worth the cost and piece of mind it provides, and boy is it nice compared to the simple friction-type throttle locks that I have used before. I cannot recommend this company and their cruise controls highly enough!