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Why use ATV SpeedSafe Speed Limiters?

ATV SpeedSafe is a new stand-alone speed limiter for ATVs, UTVs, and side-by-sides. The ATV SpeedSafe speed limiter saves customers in many ways, including:

Increasing productivity by decreasing accidents, staff downtime and associated costs.
Potentially decreasing liability insurance costs.
Reducing on-going maintenance costs by staggering amounts according to anecdotal information.
Satisfying global Occupational Health & Safety organisations which have been targeting ATV accidents and safety issues.

ATV SpeedSafe is also a new option for our QuadCruise electronic cruise control for ATV’s. The  ATV  SpeedSafe speed limiter may be added to an existing QuadCruise installation or fitted as a stand alone speed limiter without the QuadCruise cruise control.

A QuadCruise cruise control may also be fitted after the speed limiter is fitted, using some of the parts already supplied with the speed limiter. ATV  SpeedSafe allows full use of the available power on the ATV up to the limiting speed. When the vehicle reaches the limiting speed, the speed limiter progressively cuts engine power. At the limiting speed the engine develops a slight misfire, however if the operator tries to go faster by applying more throttle, the speed limiter gradually makes the misfire worse.

The speed limiter defaults to 25kph (15mph) when it is enabled, however the owner or supervisor may set this to any speed desired.

Our recent attendance at the 2017 QuadBike Safety Conference in Cairns, Queensland provided a new slant on what our products really do. The following encapsulates what came out of that conference:

'Death and injury resulting from accidents on ATVs has long been cause for concern in Australia - and is widely acknowledged as a serious workplace safety issue. MCCruise (MotorCycle Cruise Controls) assumed a significant proportion of incidents were speed related (in 2006). This was confirmed by participants at the 2017 QuadBike Safety Forum in Cairns, Queensland on 29 March, 2017, validating MCCruiseí decision to develop a ëspeed limiterí to address the problem by managing speed and thereby mitigating one of the circumstances contributing to injury and death.

ATV SpeedSafe has been successfully delivering ‘aversion therapy’ on ATVs in the workplace since 2006 – largely overseas!  The principle of operation is to make the vehicle so ‘unpleasant’ to drive at or above the SET speed limit, that operators voluntarily maintain speeds below the speed limit.  Moreover, the vehicle has full power available up to the speed limit, but progressively runs out of power at and above the speed limit, until it can go no faster.  It achieves this by progressively imposing an engine misfire which increases such that the vehicle can go no faster

Another innovation is 'penalty' mode, in which the SET speed limit decreases if the operator stays on or too near the speed limit, for a specified period of time. Peer pressure and discomfort progressively train the operator to treat both the vehicle and the imposed limit with respect, delivering a safer workplace.

Thousands of ATV  SpeedSafe units have been sold into workplaces here and overseas with repeat orders acknowledging its utility in many industries including: USA railways; mining companies; orchard and agriculture; Councils and large industries. Management achieves control remotely; establishes a means of monitoring vehicle abuse on an individual basis; benefits from fewer incidents and administrative overheads and gains substantial benefit in reduced maintenance costs for the speed limited vehicles.'

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