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Universal Cruise Kit Contents

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Sample Motorcycle Cruise Control Parts Schematic

Universal Cruise Control Parts List for Universal Cruise Control Parts Kits (Dual spool CIU kit)

MCSU 400 Basic Cruise Control Component Kit

Part Number
8G x 3/8” self tapping screw
MCS 001
Foam mounting block for computer
MCSU 401
Wiring loom (a) Computer plug (26 pin) (b) Fuse holder (3 amp fuse) (c) Tach sensor wire (yellow wire) (d) Speed sensor connectors (co-axial wire) (e) Actuator plug (4 pin) (f) Power & brake sensor wires (orange and grey wires) (g) Ground connector (black wire) (h) Neutral sensor wire (blue wire (i) Control switch plug (6 pin)
MCS 574
Vacuum throttle actuator (throttle servo) including universal bracket and three 6g x 3/8” self tapping mounting screws
1.5m Vacuum hose
MCS 031
Vacuum ‘T’ connector
MCS 032
Vacuum valve
MCS 820
Cruise control switch 4g x 1/2” self tapping screw (to attach mounting bracket) 100mm cable tie (control switch cable strain relief)
MCS 300
300mm carburettor cable (other lengths of carburettor cables are available from 100mm to 500mm for order or exchange
150mm cable ties 200mm cable ties
MCSU 400 A
Brackets kit
MCS 020B
Universal actuator mounting bracket (spare)
MCS 024
Universal ‘L’ mounting bracket for CIU mounting M6 X 16 bolt 6mm flat washer M6 Nyloc nut
Control switch mounting bracket. The MCS830A bracket is the closest to a ‘universal’ switch bracket available, however there are a number is different brackets available. These brackets are available instead of the MCS830A bracket at time of order (straight swap at no additional cost) or may be purchased separately later. What bracket is desired will depend on bike make and model – refer to switch bracket addendum in installation instructions for listing, photos and diagrams of available control switch mounting brackets)
MCS 027
Speed sensor kit -Speed sensor 15 6mm flat washer 16 M6 Nyloc nut. Note: - only required if connection to electric speedometer sender is not possible (motorcycle does not have an electric speedometer, or wiring is not accessible.
6mm flat washer
M6 Nyloc nut
MCS 024
MCS 024 Universal ‘L’ mounting bracket for speed sensor mounting
MCS 045
6mm dia x 4.5mm long magnets (other size magnets available on request (6D x 6L, 6D x 3L, 4.75D x 4.75L, 8D x 5L).
MCSU 400 D
Dual spool Cable Interface Unit kit Note: - for motorcycles with twin (push/pull) throttle cables. Two versions of this CIU are available. The D24 kit is for bikes with very short throttle cable travel and large diameter carburetors or throttle bodies (cable travel less than 22mm from idle to full throttle). This applies to most modern (early 90’s and later sport and sport touring bikes). The D30 kit is for bikes with longer throttle cable travel (cable travel more than 22mm from idle to full throttle) and smaller carburetors/throttle bodies. This applies to most earlier model bikes (pre ‘90’s) and to most modern cruisers.
MCSU 405
D24 OR D30 CIU housing
MCS 003M
Actuator cable spool
MCS 003N
Dual spool for D24 housing OR MCS 003D Dual spool for D30 housing
MCS 003H
MCS 003J
MCS 003J End cap
M5 x 45 bolt (CIU through bolt)
5mm flat washer
M5 Nyloc nut
M4 x 6 pan head screw
Blanking plugs for CIU cable holes
MCSU 400 F
Actuator Cover Kit Note: - Actuator covers are available in Powder Coated finishes, either Satin Black or Silver Pearl (pearl metallic). These covers may be required for weather protection if the actuator is mounted in a position that is vulnerable to water splash from tires or the road or direct target from rain, or for decorative purposes if the actuator is mounted in a position where it is visible.
MCS 574D
Actuator solenoid (top) housing cover
Rubber grommet for solenoid housing 6g x 1/2” self tapping screw 6g x 3/8” self tapping screw
Actuator diaphragm (bottom) housing cover MCSU 400 G CIU Cover Kit Note: - This cover is purely decorative and may be used if the CIU is mounted in a position where it is visible. The cover is a polished flat plate with a MCC (MotorCycle Cruise) logo.
CIU polished cover M5 x 50 & stainless steel countersunk head bolt
MCSU 400 H
Electrical Connection Kit Note: - This kit contains various electrical terminals for the wiring loom. The contents of the kit will depend on the make and model of the motorcycle. AMP 3-1447221-4 Computer plug terminals AMP 4-1437284-3 Computer plug blanking plugs Wire tap connectors (‘Scotchlock’ or ‘Quick tap’ connectors) H1863 6mm ring terminal (ground connection, usually battery negative terminal) Various other connectors and terminals supplied will depend on the make and model of motorcyclekit)
MCSU 400 I
Vacuum Reservoir Kit Note: - This kit is usually only required on smaller capacity bikes (less than 400cc). It may be necessary for some models that use AP (atmospheric pressure) sensors on the fuel injection throttle system IF the sensor is connected to the inlet tract AFTER the throttle butterflies (on the vacuum side of the throttle butterflies). Call us for information on this is the engine tends to stumble or misfire when the cruise control is initially engaged.
MCS 071
Vacuum reservoir 35 M6 x 16 bolt 36 6mm flat washer M6 Nyloc nut
Information, Set up and Operation Manual Operation and User Manual Installation Manual (universal or model specific)
Trouble shooting guide Other components available for purchase not included in any of the above parts kits
MCS 051
M5 vacuum port fitting (required if the bike has blanking screws instead of hose barbs in the throttle balance ports)
MCS 052
Vacuum restrictors (may be required in conjunction with the MCSU400 G vacuum reservoir

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