Universal Bike Cruise Control

Universal Bike cruise control

With the proliferation of models of motorcycles, it is both economically and physically impossible to develop model-specific kits for all motorcycles on the market.

In order to address this problem and to help ourselves during development, our computer is designed to be able to quickly calibrate the module for different bikes.

The core problem in fitting a 'universal cruise control' then becomes determining which off-the-shelf components we already manufacture for other bikes, most closely match YOUR bike. To assist you in precisely tailoring the kit we sell to your requirements, we have developed a PDF on 'How To Order your Universal Cruise Control Kit.' If you Click Here the PDF will open in another window on your computer so that you can work through it and toggle back to the Universal Products page to order the parts you need.

Purchasing Universal Kits and installing them successfully requires quite a lot of homework BEFORE purchase and typically quite a bit of interaction with the staff at MotorCycle Cruise Controls AND the installer needs to be very capable mechanically. The installation is quite labour intensive and also takes time sitting and thinking about the best way to do things. We do NOT recommend paying someone to install these kits - it simply gets too expensive!

These kits are designed for the capable home mechanic with time to spare to do the job right. The pressure on any professional trying to install one of these universal kits such that the labour cost doesn't blow out beyond a day, inevitably results in a poorer installation. Please consider carefully before purchasing and email us with a phone number so we can call to discuss your application before purchasing any parts, as we often know which parts are likely to be best for your bike.

Click on PRODUCTS / BikeCruise / MCC Universal Cruise Control Parts on the MAIN MENU to purchase the Universal Cruise Control parts.

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