Suzuki Customer Feedback

Suzuki DL650 2014 Feedback


I took a check ride this morning for the first time and was really impressed! From 40 mph in 4th to 73 mph in 6th, it worked flawlessly. It's a seriously well engineered product. Thanks!

I took a few notes along the way during installation that I'm passing on to you:

  1. Very good instructions and photos.
  1. Couldn't have used the foam strips to mount the CPU due to no flat surface to mount to. I used some foam from a gun case and cut it to fit to mimic the standard foam installation from your photos. 
  1. I was surprised that you didn't recommend sealing the clutch connectors. They looked vulnerable to rain, so I used RTV on them. (MCCruise: Never had an issue with these.)
  1. The brake switch connector on my bike was not readily accessible because of how the harness had been cinched down with a factory tywrap. Long handled needle nose pliers did the trick along with a slender, flat blade screwdriver to unmate; managed to get one finger under the harness below the coolant tank to "hold" the connector when I mated up the cruise mate to it.

 That's it. Now to fix the pressure points on the stock seat...

 Ken 30 July, 2015  USA?

Suzuki Boulevard C50T Customer Feedback

Hi Tony
I have finished up on the install for my wife's Suzuki Boulevard, thank you very much for your prompt help with the couple of problems I ran into. I didn't expect you to get back to me that fast it was awesome. Your instructions over the phone were easy to follow and fixed the issue right away.
So I also finished up the install on my Triumph Rocket 3, it went in with no problems at all, the instructions were clear and easy to follow.
I have taken both bikes out on test runs, and the cruise works as advertised on both. Unfortunately it has decided to snow a little this weekend so we haven't braved the cold to go on a ride, Monday is supposed to be 20 degrees C so we are looking forward to giving them both a good run and seeing how the cruise is to use, looking forward to it. We went on a 7 week 14,000 km trip last year and I wish we would have had it for that trip, but we will be doing more like it.
Thanks again Neil 3 May, 2015 USA


Suzuki GSX1400 Customer Feedback

Tony and Frank,

Riding back to my place of residence in South Australia a distance of seven hundred and seventy kilometres from your business at Mount Waverley, my bike handled like a dream. It was obvious that the inclusion of the new Cable Interface Unit made a huge difference in the cruise control's performance. Any surge that was evident previously was not noticeable.

The ride was smooth and a pleasure over the entire journey. Slow speeds were easily negotiated on the cruise. Steep hills are not a problem as the cruise keeps the bike purring at one hundred kilometres an hour at three thousand revs and smoothly down the other side.

I am extremely pleased with the product. Well done Tony and Frank on a brilliant product.


Graham, Adelaide, South Australia


Suzuki AN650 Burgman Customer Feedback


I wanted to send a note expressing my total satisfaction with the Motorcycle Cruise Control! Both from ease of installation and the high level of quality of the components I can say without reservation this is an awesome product line.

I have installed countless after market accessories in my life and this is by far the best in every way. I also must comment on the outstanding customer service and rapid delivery of my order as well as your follow-up. You truly are a profession organization. Thank you and all in your company so much for an outstanding product and service.

I am recommending the system to all my friends that ride.


Chris, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA (April 2009)


I recently installed the MC Cruise on my AN650K6 myself. It is an EXCELLENT product!! The instructions were very clear and easy to follow. Using a GPS to measure my speed the MC maintains the set speed within 0.6mph!!!

Thanks for such a great quality built product!!

Hollis Holden


I've logged almost 14K miles since I've installed my cruise kit on my Suzuki Burgman and it hasn't required one adjustment! I'm completely delighted with the performance and my right hand sure thanks you too!

Mark, Manchester, New Jersey, USA (March 2009)


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