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atv speed limiter


Our newest product is an ATV Speed Limiter called 'SpeedSafe'™.

It is model-specific and currently fits a range of Honda, Yamaha and Polaris ATVs and Rangers. Supervisors can pre-program the maximum speed the ATV can achieve to ANY desired speed - from as low as 2mph to the maximum speed of the vehicle.

Full power is available up to the pre-set speed limit. The speed limit is a soft limit: it doesn't just cut the engine instantly the limiting speed is reached, which could be dangerous for the rider. Instead, the engine develops a misfire which progressively worsens if the rider attempts to go faster.

Above the limiting speed the vehicle is extremely uncomfortable to ride and gets worse the faster you go. About 2mph over the speed limit, the ATV runs out of power and cannot go any faster. The perfect solution for business owners & managers, or parents, because removal of the switch interface from the SpeedSafe computer makes it impossible to change the pre-set speed limit.

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