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Sophisticated 'Speed Limiters'  to curtail the maximum speed of your ATV or Side-By-Side.

Your employees' safety is paramount, with increasingly stringent Occupational Health and Safety regulation around the world.  MotorCycle Cruise Controls has been delivering increasingly sophisticated product to US Railways since 2005 curtailing accidents and injuries in freight yards where Honda TRX250 ATVs do 35,000 miles per annum, with operators required to visually inspect every freight train bogey.


  • works by decreasing power available at the speed limit, limiting the maximum speed possible;
  • trains the operator to stay off the limiter by penalizing him/her - reducing the maximum speed for a time and for persistent offenders even stopping the vehicle;
  • does not damage the vehicle;
  • eliminates abuse of the vehicle and typically reduces maintenance costs and extends vehicle life measurably;
  • Management can set a new speed limit as needed;
  • management can disable the speed limiter if required;
  • tamper-proof mode disables the vehicle if the speed limiter is disabled for any reason.

UTVSpeedSafe protects your workers from their own exuberance or recklessness and can save your company substantially in administration overheads required for incidents and accidents and potentially insurance liability and fines. Try it in your department or business!