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Speed Alert Connection Kit

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IMPORTANT - For bikes with computer firmware V4.25BL (or later) ONLY.

From Firmware V4.25BL the cruise control incorporates an 'Over Speed Alert' function which can be connected to a beeper and/or light. This connection kit incorporating connecting wires and instructions allow an aftermarket LED light, normal 12V light globe or 12V beeper to be connected to the cruise control to give visual or audible over speed alert warnings (not supplied).

The Speed Alert can be set to any speed desired or turned off in a couple of seconds. When the vehicle speed reaches the alert speed, the light/beeper will start to operate. At first the operation is subtle with short flashes/beeps, but as speed increases up to 5kph over the alert speed, the duration of the flashes/beeps increase until the light/beeper is on almost continuously.

The speed alert output provides 12V for the light or buzzer and can provide up to 3 watts (0.25 Amp), so any light or buzzer that draws less than 0.25 Amp (250mA) at 12 Volts (3 watts) may be connected to the cruise control computer to be used as a speed alert.

Shown in the photo (right) is a 12V LED strip light which is commonly available on eBay or electronic parts stores.