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MotorCycle Cruise Control Freight Information

All purchases made from this web site are in Australian dollars. International customers should use the currency converter at top right of screen to calculate a close approximation to the price in their currency.

Information on Freight Rates, Import Duties, Taxes/VAT/GST and where to find it.

Freight costs: This web site calculates the exact cost of freight for most countries in the world. To do this it requires information about where the customer is located. Once it has this information, it also calculates the equivalent price in your local currency to the Australian dollar price. This information is provided within the shopping cart. To price your product, including freight, and get an approximate price in your currency:

  1. Simply add what you want to the shopping cart;
  2. If you require another kit, or other accessories or tools, click on Continue Shopping next to the Checkout button.
  3. If you are a returning customer who is registered, type in your email and password at left of screen to proceed. Alternatively, you can proceed to checkout as a guest.
  4. At this point you see a screen with a summary of your order and choices on how to pay.  You can use Visa or MasterCard. You also type in full address details and click on Review & Continue to obtain the price, including shipping.
  5. If you go to the checkout the exact freight is calculated and the payment options are presented. Make your payment method selection and proceed.

Import Customs duties, taxes and brokerage fees: Most countries in the world have import duty, but not all apply duty to our goods.

Duties and taxes (Local Sales Tax, VAT or GST) are the customer's responsibility and you should find out how much these will be prior to purchase. There should not be any brokerage fees applicable. Certainly there should be none in the USA, Canada, the UK and Europe to our knowledge as long as the value of the goods does not exceed the local threshold ($2000USD in the USA).

NOTE: MotorCycle Cruise Controls will not declare goods under their true value.  Ensure you take this into account before  purchasing.  We have had to review our refund policies recently as we are getting more demand from Europe and some customers have requested undervalued goods for customs purposes. One such request resulted in a web site refund which cost the customer significant fees which we were not even made aware of by the banks/Credit Card Companies - tens of Euros.

NOTE: MotorCycle Cruise Controls has no control over taxes, duties, customs clearance fees and brokerage fees applied by the receivers country Customs Service or the freight carrier.  If charges are applied that you believe should not be applied, contact us and we will do our best to investigate and fix the issue, but we do not have direct influence in these cases.

  • The USA has no duty applicable under the Harmonised Tariff Code HTS 8714.10.00.50.
  • The UK has 3.7% duty under the code HTS 8714.10.90.90 plus 20% VAT.
  • Canada duties and taxes may apply under the code HTS 8714.10.00.00. Customers should investigate at Customs Harmonized Tariff Code website for their country to find out much these fees will be
  • European countries' duties and taxes vary and customers should investigate at Customs Harmonised Tariff Code web site for their country to find out how much these fees will be.  In most cases the HTS codes listed above should also apply in your country.
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