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Bluetooth Device - connect your phone to your MCCruise!

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Wire harness length: 25cm 10")

Sku: MCS BTM 100 BlueTooth Kit-25CM_t

The MCCruise Bluetooth Device is a durable, urethane encapsulated device designed to connect your new - or OLD - MCCruise to your Android or iPhone device using an App developed specifically for iPhone.

NOTE: This product can retro fit to MCCruise made since around 2008 - to any and all MCCruise with a bootloader installed. If there is a delay in the backlights coming on behind the grey switch buttons (that is they do not instantaneously turn on), when you turn the key on, your MCCruise can most likely connect to and utilise this new Bluetooth device.

Bluetooth module installation:

The unit plugs into the MCCruise computer using 4 wires that must be inserted into blanked off positions in the cruise control computer plug.¶ÿ Which wire positions varies with different MCCruise computer models.

The Bluetooth module should be mounted reasonably close to where the phone will be used to get the best Bluetooth connection. If the phone is mounted on the handlebars the Bluetooth module should be mounted within 60cm (2 feet) if possible inside a fairing panel or somewhere like that. It should not be mounted under the fuel tank due to heat radiation from the motor. Because of this the wiring harness for the Bluetooth module is available in several different lengths to reach from the cruise control computer to the Bluetooth module.

    Phone Apps:

    Android can be downloaded from Google Play store and installed on your Android phone. This is currently a Beta test version.

    iPhone - can now be downloaded from the iPhone App Store and installed on your iPhone. This is also currently a Beta test version.

    The MCCruise App loads a Dashboard display which can use either of several geospatial and speed limit systems available free of charge. Here Technologies and Bing are currently available to you and may perform differently at your location, so it will be useful to compare each application speed and speed limit data when you become more familiar with the MCCruise system.

    The Dashboard display:

    Bike Speed OR GPS speed in the large circle in tenths of a speed unit. The green Highlight indicates which is being displayed at the time;

    1. A tripmeter is also displayed and can be reset using the clockwise arrow at top of screen;
    2. The circle itself acts as an alarm if the bike speed exceeds the speed limit displayed in the red circle at bottom left;
    3. The Speed Limit at bottom left is defined by the geospatial information available from the system in use at that time and location and its accuracy is a function of the accuracy of the data provided by Bing or Here Technologies. Google is too expensive at this time;
    4. Similarly, the Location and Elevation information is derived from the GPS system in use;
    5. There are small - and + signs underneath the GPS speed limit circle. You can quickly set the speed alert value above or below the GPS Speed Limit value by touching these buttons to increment the alert value up or down;
    6. The Distance info derives from the GPS and the Area is the result of a Spray Boom Width Calculation multiplied by the distance traveled and is a value designed to assist farmers in spraying or other activities in the future;
    7. The two arrows left and right toggle the Location information on or off being replaced by Latitude and Longitude information;
    8. At top right of the screen is a schematic representing connection via Bluetooth green and joined you are connected. If orange and separate, Bluetooth is not connected;
    9. FUNCTION NOT WORKING YET - Tapping inside the GPS speed limit circle activates an emergency distress phone call system to be shared in some way providing the exact co-ordinates of where the phone is located;
    10. Finally the three bars at top left of screen is a menu button to take you to other displays.

    The Main Menu:

    Presents the means of entering into:

    • The Dashboard;
    • Firmware;
    • Logs;
    • Cruise Config;
    • Settings;
    • Login - It also provides a means of logging into more sophisticated menus; and
    • the green arrow at bottom right quickly takes you back to the Dashboard.


    Press Firmware to list available software in your phone for upload to your computer module it is most likely this screen will be blank unless you have downloaded software previously;

    • MCCruise staff will compile specific software for your application and upload it to the internet making it available to you and only you via a unique password. WARNING: never provide your password to others as this could result in a dangerous mix of software/hardware and either not upload to the module, corrupt the module such that it can no longer function at all, or be reprogrammed, requiring replacement;
    • Use the - or + button at top right of screen to enter your Add Firmware code and enter the number provided by MCCruise for your application;
    • Press OK and your new firmware (software) will automatically download to your phone;
    • Touch the new firmware text to initiate upload to your MCCruise computer module when you are connected to the Bluetooth module and computer your wish to upgrade.


    Press Logs to open the Log screen which lists available logs on the phone to share by email or other means by touching a particular file;

    • If you highlight a log file and press the trash button, that log will be deleted;
    • If you press the box with the down arrow and you are connected to your Bluetooth module and computer, the last few minutes of logged data will be downloaded from the computer module to the phone. This can assist if you are ever booked by police and believe you were not doing anything wrong. It can also help in identifying faults within the computer operation, though the STOP codes are the first place to start in that regard;

    Cruise Config:

    Press Cruise Config to see the list of available options you can control;


    Press Settings to see the list of available options you can control;

      • Device
        • Default Device this is possibly the most important function as it defines which Bluetooth module you will connect to. Obviously you need it to be the one on YOUR bike!
        • Touch the Default Devise text to initiate a Bluetooth search when your Bluetooth module is connected to your MCCruise computer module and both are powered ON;
        • The MCCruise software will scan for available devices and should find your Bluetooth hardware identifying it with a name such as MCCRUISE-XXX where XXX is a unique number;
        • Touch the device found and it will set that device as the default device. (If you now go to the Menu bar at top left you can slide the button to the right to connect to your Bluetooth hardware);
      • Speed
        • Speed limit gives options for the GPS to be used for location and speed limit information;
        • Speed Unit gives options for the speed unit to be used;
        • Set Speed Adjustment sets the speed increment applied up and down by the SET and RES buttons respectively;
        • Speed Correction- a percentage correction which can be applied to the incoming Bike speed signal to ensure the displayed speed on your phone is as accurate as possible. This is usually defined by using a roadside speed display, a GPS on the bike or the GPS speed display within your MCCruise App. For example, if your speedo reads 107 kph when the bike is really doing 100 kph, then set the correction to -7% as a start point;
        • Speed Alert Buffer can be set through this menu item or by using the - or + signs below the GPS Speed limit circle;
        • Speed Alert Notification can be set to Visual only, or to visual and vibrate.
      • Agricultural Parameters
        • Boom Width- enter the width of your Boom Spray or other equipment to automatically calculate the applied area based on width and distance traveled The calculated area is shown at bottom right of the Dashboard under the Location;