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Well-respected 'Web Bike World' reviews MCCruise ........

by Tony Guymer March 03, 2018

Well-respected 'Web Bike World' reviews MCCruise ........

Hi all,

Jim Pruner in Calgary, Canada has just installed our MCCruise on his KTM 1190 and is waiting impatiently for 8 feet of snow to melt away, so he can test ride it and report.

We have to wait for that article on the installation and on-road test, but he was so impressed with the technology as it stands .... and a new innovation, which will be in production and available around May 2018, that he went into print to give some background   in a Web Bike World article you can see here.

The MCCruise team hope you enjoy the read - and the content.

P.S.   Correction from the author - 
Actually it's on the Bestbeginnermotorcycles.com site at the moment, but I believe will go to WBW at some point.  The hands on review article will definitely go to WBW.
Tony Guymer
Tony Guymer

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