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Vacuum Actuator Stock - October, 2016

by Tony Guymer October 17, 2016

ONLY 16 Vacuum Actuator kits left!

If you want a model-specific electronic MCCruise for your bike, you may need to buy quickly as our model range will be severely depleted shortly.  The source of our tried and true vacuum actuator (used since 1997) has finally dried up, so if you have been hanging out for an MCCruise you need to move quickly.  While we will do our best to upgrade the over 150 model-specific kits to our new electric servo, lack of access to many bikes will make that impossible.  Since the bodies of the servo's rarely have issues, we will be stocking solenoid packs to support failures in the future and even those are rarely needed as a quick service usually gets them going again if they get stuck over winter hibernation.

Tony Guymer
Tony Guymer

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