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Throttle-By-Wire MCCruise and other TBW accessories

by Tony Guymer February 14, 2018

Throttle-By-Wire MCCruise and other TBW accessories

MCCruise now has a new  Throttle-By-Wire (TBW) dongle patch harness available for KTM motorcycles so that you can enjoy you MCCruise AND your off-road or fuel accessory ....or whatever!

Many riders have other accessories which connect to and control their bikes via the Diagnostic Dongle on every throttle-by-wire motorcycle.  Fortunately both KTM and Yamaha use the same diagnostic plug, so we have connectors available for both.  This opens up the MT-09 Tracer, FZ-09 and SXR900 for MCCruise plus your other farkles.  As and when we develop more TBW bikes, we will search for the appropriate connectors to facilitate having MCCruise as well as the other gadgets you need.

Concurrently we have been working on making the cruise perform better on TBW bikes.  Staff at MCCruise are very happy with progress.  In the last few weeks it has become much smoother with incredible performance at 100kph.  At freeway speeds we are seeing speed within +/- 0.3kph of SET speed most of the time and silky smooth, yet when you do encounter a hill it pours on the power.  You can feel it working  and maintaining speed within as little as +/- 1.5 to 2 kph on BIG hills! And it doesn't run away down the other side - though that depends to a large extent on how much engine braking the bike has.  Big twins are unbelievable!

Moreover, performance is virtually as good at town speeds of 30 - 60 kph.  Our TBW development MT-09 Tracer has a minimum cruise speed of 12 kph and Tony has been doing hundreds of kilometres on weekends chasing a mate on a KTM690 through the forests around Mount Disappointment and Toolangi State Forest on dirt roads - with and without cruise control.

Staff at MCCruise think you will be blown away by our new products.  There will be an objective review shortly in Web Bike World and more to follow with new gear and innovations due for release soon. 2018 promises to be an exciting year.

Tony Guymer
Tony Guymer

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