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Feedback from Finland - MCCruise on Africa Twin

by Tony Guymer April 28, 2017

Feedback from Finland - MCCruise on Africa Twin

Hi Tony,






I made a short video about the McCruise on my Honda. Could you please check that I've not written nonsence about the leds blinking.  https://youtu.be/0LUBcxV2fu0 If the facts are ok, I'll share the link at advrider.com and africatwinforum.com. Feel free to use on your website, even if I'm not very proud of the video .





I've made som testrides also in heavy winds, the McCruise keeps the set speed very well, and after overtaking the return to the set speed is very smooth and accurate, without any surging or overshooting, which was the only problem with my former R1200 GS and Rostra cc. Very happy so far!





The winter was mild, but the spring has been exeptionally cold. The temperature is still around the zero and yesterday it was snowing, so I have just ridden about 250 km's. Next week it should be better.






Cheers from Finland,






 28 April, 2017

Tony Guymer
Tony Guymer

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