I made this product - and even 'I' cannot believe how good it is!

Written by Tony Guymer


Posted on May 19 2013

 I just got back from a test ride configuring the new software for a Triumph Sprint GT 1050 and I can't wipe the grin from my face!  Four years of effort was definitely worth it.  Every hour spent at 4 am in all kinds of weather testing and refining the software was absolutely essential in understanding what happens, what controls what and how to make the mathematics deliver what I believed in my bones - was possible!

Today it is a reality.  I hope you buy it, because it is the best value for money you will ever spend on your bike - in my opinion. And now others are starting to report that they agree with me, having bought our product with the new software - or upgraded their old kit with the new software.

But you know what, even if we don't sell any, I am satisfied, because WE did it!  The team of people here at MotorCycle Cruise Controls have created something very special and I want to publicly thank them all - Frank, Jon, Steve and I have worked hard to bring you the best that can be done in this very specialized field.  Today, I am sure we have succeeded.

You know the really interesting thing?  This product takes in only one parameter - the speed signal and then manages to control high powered machinery through a vacuum servo that is like trying to control a  Formula 1 racing car with a rubber band - and does it brilliantly!

All the other things we monitor - clutch, brake, tachometer signal (sparks to the coil which infers change of engine RPM) - are only used to turn the cruise control OFF.

And this software controls in such a way that it is absolutely safe, extraordinarily accurate in speed holding and comfortable for human beings!

This last bit is vitally important in my view - because it means that robototics can now be controlled to behave 'like' humans - with very little input.  Our generalized software facilitates ANY servo being controlled accurately by as little as ONE input! 

By the way, MotorCycle Cruise Controls is our production company, but SPEED CONTROLLERS P/L holds the Intellectual Property  - because it is the entity which did the research to make all this possible.

Today the future looks pretty exciting.  I think I'll go and have a coffee to celebrate!

Tony Guymer



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