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Speed Limiter for HONDA TRX420 Rancher (from 2022)

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Setup Switch: Setup Switch

Configuration: Standard (vehicle still operates if speed limiter is disabled)

Speed Sensing: OE Speedometer

Sku: SL2580A_SW_STD_420

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To suit Honda TRX420 TM1/TE1/FM1/FM2/FE1/FA1/FA from 2022, also called the Fourtrax Rancher, all versions.

To our knowledge, all models up to 2020 or 2021 use the HX040 connector on the rear brake light switch. Some or all Honda models that have had a minor or major update may have changed to the HX060 connector for the brake light switch connector in the 2021 or 2022 model year.

Check that your vehicle has the later HX060 brake switch connector (see the photos).  If it does, this is the correct product.  If it has the HX040 brake switch connector, purchase the product for the 2014 to 2021 TRX420.

The Electronic ATV 'SpeedSafe' (Speed Limiter) unit is specifically designed for these vehicles, with selections depending on speedometer fitment, and allows FULL POWER up to the limiting speed.

UTV SpeedSafe Speed Limiters are an after-market accessory designed for use with a variety of ATV, UTV and Side by Side vehicles.   

Specifically developed to reduce the risk of accidents produced by excessive speed, this product allows owners / supervisors to restrict the maximum speed of the vehicle, without reducing power or performance.  

The result:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced on-going maintenance costs
  • Promotes best practice Health and Safety standards
  • Decreases liability

Please read the UTV SpeedSafe Product Information Brochure for more detailed information prior to purchasing this item.

SpeedSafe installation instructions, specific manuals and supporting documents can be found here.

A set-up switch to configure the speed limiter is necessary and is OPTIONAL. Only ONE switch is required for a fleet of vehicles (see notes below). Select the set-up switch from the first drop down selection box at the bottom of the page.

Select the 'Tamper Resistant' or 'Standard' configuration from the second drop down selection box. Please read the SPEEDSAFE BROCHURE for details.

Download the Brochure now:

Click here for the vehicle brochure

The electronic speed limiting unit is shipped worldwide with all parts, parts list and detailed installation instructions for this kit.

Download the Parts List now:

Click here for more information on this Electronic Speed Limiter