MotorCycle Cruise Controls

Cruise Control for Kawasaki KLE650 Versys (2015 to 2021) servo

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Select Cruise Switch: Above Handlebar

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The Motorcycle Cruise Control unit is specifically designed for this vehicle.  At this time we don't know if this kit will also fit the 2022 model that has some minor revisions.

In order to fit the cruise control terminals on the bike's engine management ECU connectors must be backed out of the connector housing.  A dressmaking pin (provided in the kit) or a small jeweller's screwdriver or a set of terminal extractor tools is required.  This is a relatively easy job, but requires delicacy to ensure the terminals and connectors are not damaged.

These models have different engine ECUs depending on the model year.  The connector type is the same, but have different number of wires and wire positions and colours are different.  The brochure (link below) describes how to find out which one you have, but this is NOT critical.  The installation instructions covers all types.  The other issue with the ECU change is the calibration for the speed signal is different.  By default the cruise is supplied with the late model calibration, if your bike has the early model the speed signal must be re-calibrated which is done by putting the cruise in speed calibration mode (hold buttons while turning the ignition on) riding the bike at 70kph (44mph) and pressing the SET button.  Instructions for this are provided in the installation manual.

The motorcycle cruise installation instructions and specific cruise manuals and supporting documents can be found here.

Please choose your model very carefully as shipping and re-stocking fees are expensive. We urge you to review and assess complete installation manuals to determine whether you are capable of installing yourself, or need to employ a professional before purchasing from us.

Cruise control switch - there are three options to choose from (see photos):

    • New Slim MCCruise switch: Our new fully-featured and weatherproof switch which is a no cost option, and is fitted between the bike's switch block and the clutch lever mount. It has backlit buttons for night use, power (ON-OFF) indicator light and engage indicator light. The switch is 10mm (3/8") wide, so it may be necessary to slide the clutch lever assembly across to make space to mount the switch on the handlebar. Contact us for installation instructions if you wish to see how it is fitted.
    • MCCruise switch: Our proven, fully-featured and weatherproof switch which comes standard with all of our products. Backlit buttons for night use, power (ON-OFF) indicator light and engage indicator light. This can be provided with a mounting bracket to mount it above the handlebar.
    • The MCCruise switch can also be provided with a mounting bracket to mount it below the handlebar.

    Non original LED brake lights and Brake Light Modulators (Flashers).

    • This bike has LED brake lights standard and the cruise control works with the O.E. (Original Equipment) brake lights as it is supplied.  However if you fit a different tail light or a Brake Light Modulator (flasher) you will have to order the The LED brake light harness modification with the cruise control.  If you do not order this and you have fitted different brake lights or a brake light flasher, it is very likely the cruise control will not work.  There is an alternative patch that can be fitted later if needed.
      • Download the Brochure now:
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        The electronic cruise control unit is shipped worldwide with all parts, parts list and detailed installation instructions for this kit.
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