MotorCycle Cruise Controls

Cruise Control for BMW F650/700/800GS to 2016 servo

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Capacity: 650cc

Switch Option: Mirror Mount Control Switch

Crimper #61: No Crimper

Sku: MCS6210-650-MCS820

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The Motorcycle Cruise Control unit is specifically designed for this vehicle.

Video Overview: BMW F700GS (2014)

NOTE: - This cruise control kit does not fit the early model single cylinder F650GS or later G650GS, only twin cylinder versions.

NOTE: - The 2015 F800GS Adventure has different fairing side panels to the standard F800GS/F700Gs/F650GS. The mounting location of the CIU (see the brochure) means that the rear edge of the panel is pushed out slightly. Two different customers have confirmed that the inside of the panel can be trimmed so the panel is returned almost to its original position. There also may be interfere with a brace for the fairing screen on some Adventure models, but we don't know if this is with a standard BMW screen, or with larger after-market windscreens. We have a couple of photos showing this, contact us for more information.

Please read the BROCHURE to see how the cruise control will look on your bike and let us know your bike model when placing an order with us.

The motorcycle cruise installation instructions and specific cruise manuals and supporting documents can be found here.

Download the Brochure now:

Click here for the vehicle brochure

The electronic cruise control unit is shipped worldwide with all parts, parts list and detailed installation instructions for this kit.

Purchase of the Utilux #61 roll crimper is recommended. This Electronic Cruise Control unit is specifically designed for the vehicle, except for one or more spliced terminations on the wiring harness which must be completed by the installer.
Download the Utilux Instructions:
Click here to see the Utilux crimper instructions

Download the Parts List now:

Click here for more information on this Motorcycle Cruise Control

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Peter Middleton
    BMW F800 MCCruise does NOT disappoint!

    Hi Frank,
    I've done my test ride & very happy (& relieved) that it all works, and very well thanks.
    With my trip coming up tomorrow I was worried that there might need to be a lot of fiddly adjustments of the 3 cables now involved in the throttle. But it is actually virtually perfect straight off. Must be a credit to your detailed instructions.
    I can admit I was a bit intimidated by the complexity of the kit when it arrived, and the number of pages of instructions.
    But the only couple hiccups arose from my failure to follow the instructions precisely a couple of times (as you learned from my couple of calls to you).
    I reckon I was 98% meticulous, and had read the instructions several times even before starting, but of course there's so many steps that it's easy to accidentally overlook or skip too quickly past one or two.

    I'm a fusspot so if the finished product was more than minutely inferior to the factory BMW cruise control I had on my previous bike (R1200), I would have been disappointed.
    I probably could do the slightest tweaking of the cable adjustments which might eliminate a barely perceptible delay in activation & deactivation (eg I'm aware I that I left the freeplay on throttle very slightly more than normal), but I'll leave that until after the trip. By then maybe a bit more stretch of cables might be evident.
    I'm gunna love having added cruise control to this bike. Once you've had it you can't go back!
    Thanks again Frank & MCCruise!