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Universal 'E' Single-Spool CIU Parts Kit

Spool Diameter
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The 'E' 'Single spool' CIU parts kit contains a Cable Interface Unit assembly for motorcycles with single 'pull only' throttle cables including any mounting brackets & other hardware needed.

Purchase of the Utilux #61 roll crimper is recommended, see Accessories for details.

NOTE: - If you intend to purchase ONLY the CIU kit and use it with another make of cruise control, you must also purchase or make a cable to go from the CIU to the carburettors or throttle bodies. We have a range of cables designed for this purpose available under the Universal 'Carburettor Cable' product section. Note that a carburettor cable is included with our Universal Basic Cruise Control Kit. It is NOT necessary to purchase a cable separately if you purchase the entire cruise control kit from us.

Click here to see the Utilux Crimper User Instructions

Click here to see the partlist for the universal cruise single spool

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