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Universal 'C' Speed Sensor Kit

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NOTE: - The speed sensor shown in this photo is no longer available, a new sensor is provided that replaces it.  Contact us for details about the new sensor.

The 'C' speed sensor kit contains a speed sensor, a universal sensor mounting bracket or one designed for your motorcycle & any other parts needed. Note that in most cases it is possible to use the motorcycles speedometer sender as a speed signal source if your motorcycle has an electric speedometer. In the past we have fitted our own design speed sensors to some of these motorcycles for various reasons.

Purchase of the Utilux #61 roll crimper is recommended, see Accessories for details.

Click here to see the Utilux Crimper User Instructions

Click here to see the Universal Cruise Control Parts Ordering Guide

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Please EMAIL US or use the Cart's comment box to specify either; bike model, or MCS kit number, or disc rotor bolt size, or magnet size required.