Yamaha FJR1300 Customers Feedback

Yamaha FJR1300 Customer Feedback

Hey, Tony, just got back home from a 3,000 mile + road trip using your cruise control. Can't say enough how satisfied I am with it. Worked flawlessly and beat out the BMW's stock cruise controls that were along with this ride. I might have 2 more FJR customers for you...Stay tuned.

The BMW that was along for this ride was a 2013 K GT 1600 which I got to ride for 100 or so miles. The stock cruise control was a simple "set" button that held the speed you were at when engaged. (Other cruise functions were not known to the rider at the time - McCruise) Yours worked flawlessly and the tech at Bett's PowerSports said it needed NO calibration at all. Worked right out of the box! Let me know when you guys go public, OK?!?

 Bill Nipomo, CA, USA 14 September, 2015


Tony, Frank & the staff at MC Cruise,

I would like to give you all some feedback as to how the operation of the cruise control you fitted to the Harley Davidson XL883L Super Low:
 After I picked up the bike from Mt. Waverley, I rode the bike to Wodonga (approx 350km’s) north along the Hume Hwy.   I used the cruise control the whole way.   
I really put it through its paces to test it out; up & down hills, increasing & decreasing speed by using the buttons.   The Cruise operated perfectly in every situation; it held its speed within 1 kilometre with incredible precision.  
As an Auto Electrician with some 30 years experience in fitting all kinds of electrical accessories to vehicles of all makes & models, I have found some accessory kits are very poor in quality or look very tacky when added to some vehicles.    Your fitting quality of the kits is very professional:  the laser cut brackets that are tailor made to fit each individual bike & model are superb.   The speed sensor on the front wheel, blend in so good that I had to look hard to see it. The laser cut brackets are of high quality they actually appear to be part of the bike.    
The second kit I purchased from you was for the Yamaha FJR in which I fitted myself. Your fitting instructions are incredibly in depth, thorough & precise. They are easily followed; nothing was omitted or taken for granted for the fitter.    I believe anyone could fit one of these Cruise controls if they had your instructions.    That being said, I wish you all the best for the future as it was obvious to see that you have put an incredible amount of work & research into perfecting these Cruise Control systems & it has certainly paid off with the way they appear & operate.

Garry - Wodonga Victoria Australia 4 April 2015      

Dear Tony,

I promised to let you know what progress I’d made with my FJR1300 stiff throttle. All is good. I followed advice from the FJR forum to unwind the throttle spring by 1 turn. This reduced the pressure on the throttle, but the sharp change from idle was cured by fitting a G2 throttle tamer from the States at about $60 plus postage. I’m now very happy with the bike. You were right in saying the cruise control wouldn’t affect the throttle action - and yes it works perfectly. Thanks for your help.

 Regards Andy - Australia -14 January, 2015)


Hi Tony and MCCruise team,

I've been meaning to email you to let you know just how completely happy and pleased I am with your product!!! It took me a while to install but I wanted to take the time to properly install it and make the install look like it's been part of the bike since day one. My delay in replying is mostly cause I'm enjoying it so much that I'm having a hard time finding the time to actually stop and let you know about it. I have been going on a few long distance rides, plus many short rides, and being able to set the cruise and go for miles at the same/control the speed regardless of the road, and being able to rest my right hand/arm, makes those rides a pure pleasurable experience. The installation was complete and very easy to follow, controlling the system is just like you would have in a car, and looks fantastic on my bike.

The only slight issue I had during the install was on the left side cables for the control and clutch switch should have been maybe about 2-4 inches longer. When I ran them on the outside of the frame and up the steering column they cables pulled out when I turned the wheel to hard right. I corrected it by running the cables on the inside of the frame but as far away from any bike electrical wires and I'm not indicating any issues and the unit is working flawlessly.

I would like to give you my highest compliment for both your outstanding and very professional looking product and fantastic customer service. I was almost thinking about trading in the bike to get the FJR 2013 since it now has cruise control built in but your product gave me the one feature I really wanted without the expense and hassle of trading up the bike. I'm highly recommending your product to anyone and I'm looking forward to many many miles/years of use.

Thanks Jack,

Jack A. Euless, TX, USA (Aug 2013)


We are Yamaha dealers at Dubbo NSW and have fitted many of these to our customers bikes & I personally use & recommend these units.

Need a demo call me,

Dave Readford (02) 6882 1326


Hi Tony,

Just wanted to say thank you what a great product, took a little to get used to...not constantly looking at the speedo is a huge plus...and to anyone who is thinking of purchasing one...would highly recommend it if like me you like to go cruzin...the fitting/instruction manuals make it easy (not simple/easy but handy person easy) to DIY.

I have a FJR Yamaha 06 took approx 5hrs including road testing and some adjustments...again thanks to you and your product m/c cruise control. Am happy for you to use this as an endorsement.

Allan, Clayton, Victoria, Australia (Sep 2007)


I purchased one of your Motor Cycle Cruise systems for my 2007 FJR1300 with manual gearbox from a chap who had purchased it direct from you. He didn't get around to installing it, so sold it on to me. Am I ever glad that he did! After a couple of months, I finally got around to installing this delightful gadget last Sunday, and boy was it a task!.

I had a good read of what turned out to be the best installation instructions I have ever seen, ever. Just as well, as the job of installation is not a simple one. I spent 10hrs on Sunday and another 5hrs on Monday evening before the job was done and the system tested in the garage. I decided that 11:30pm was too late for a test ride so that was carried out tonight and all proved to be working well.

This really is a quality piece of kit designed and supplied by a UKAS accredited Company with a very keen eye for detail. I work in the heavily regulated and proceduralised UK oil & gas industry and I have never seen such an accurate, detailed, comprehensive and easy to follow installation procedure in my life. There are no wasted words or pictures but every part must be read carefully and followed. It is an excellent example of a thoroughly well developed and refined procedure.

The system is a piece of cake to use and immediately felt like it was fully integrated with my FJR. All of the controls work with ease, precision and control making it a pleasure to use. I feel it really will be a big benefit to tackling the more boring elements of a long distance run. It might be pricey - and I know I got it at a bargain price from the previous owner - but in my opinion it is worth every penny of the retail price.

Well done Frank and Tony and thank you.

Best regards,

Baron, UK, (May 2011)


Hi Tony,

Just wanted to touch base with you about my system. Took me about 2 days at about 5-6 hours each to do the actual install. Thanks so much for including the 2 tools for the cable work....priceless. All the lubrication and instructions were followed to the T. Operational checks of the system are perfect. Accel and Decel are spot on and I am not adjusting anything. All the cutoffs work as advertised.

The Cruise works perfectly. Thank you for a great product, fantastic directions, and the support from you and your team. I couldn't be happier with my McCruise.

Thanks again,

Ed, Fl, USA, (June 2011)


This is a world class product.

The level of the engineering, the installation instructions, the quality of all the components etc, is absolutely excellent. This could easily have said Yamaha on the box!

Evan Rubenstein


After long time thinking about Cruise Control I decided finally by end of last year to order one.

Communication with both Tony's (Tony Guymer from Mccruise Australia and Tony Phipps from OWL) was very good, they have been very friendly and open to answer all my questions. After order delivery was fast, arrived complete with all components and perfect manual and instructions. I have never seen such detailed documentation - very well done.

Installation was with this instructions pretty easy. Product as it is is very professionally made. I have learned a lot about my bike during installation too. Because of long winter I have a chance to really verify function on longer trip just this month and I have to say that CC works perfectly. It is not cheap - that is a fact - but now I am happy with performance and great functionality. I hope that also reliability of the product will be on the same level, but I am confident that it will.

I can recommend MC CC to all fjr-owners. My bike has now a new feature what I missed and OEM was not able to offer!

Ivan Kebisek, Slovakia, (April 2010)


Hello Tony,

I just wanted to follow up. The new speed sensor was here when I got back from Calgary 2 weeks ago. I had time that following weekend to get it installed and did some minor testing the following weekend. It seemed to be working correctly. This past weekend I had the opportunity to test it on a 1500 mile ride to southwestern Utah and everything worked perfectly. I could see no signs of damage to the old unit when I removed it but it seems you diagnosed the problem correctly. Thanks again for your assistance.

You provide an excellent product and your customer service is outstanding!

John, Colorado, USA (Sep 2010)


Your kit is a very well thought out system!

I'm glad I ordered the pre-term loom, installation went well,thanks to the great instructions & the cable tools that were included! "WOW" what a difference riding with a cruise control, it's much more enjoyable to ride ,and the gas mileage difference is incredible! This is one of the best investments that I have ever made!

Thanks for making such a great product!


Kermit Booth


Hey guys, I just wanted to take a moment and write to tell you how thrilled I am with the MC Cruise I just installed on my '07 Yamaha FJR1300A.

First, I was shocked that the cruise control arrived in the States only three days after being shipped from Melbourne! There are many items I can't get as quickly within the US and Canada!

Secondly, the kit was perfect! The instructions are outstanding. Too often, it's assumed that installers have already removed all the bits and pieces to access the inner workings of the bike and have a knowledge of how best to route things.

Your instructions are wonderfully complete, from the first screw to be removed to the final set-up and fine tuning. I went slowly and took my time, and it still only took me one day to install the unit from start to finish. I just got back from the maiden voyage with the system installed, and I couldn't be happier!

Your product has turned my FJR into the touring bike it was meant to be! I'm still stunned that Yamaha doesn't offer cruise from the factory, but their oversight has been your opportunity, and you have filled it perfectly!

Thank you for engineering such a complete system. I'm looking forward to years of effortless and enjoyable cruising with your cruise control system!

All the best,

Mike Z, New Jersey, USA, (Sep 2007)

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