Why use UTV SpeedSafe Speed Limiters?

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What is SpeedSafe:

SpeedSafe is an innovative stand-alone speed limiter for ATVs, UTVs, and Side-by-Side vehicles, specifically developed to restrict speed and in turn reduce the risk associated with operating these vehicles.

How does it work?

SpeedSafe has been successfully delivering ‘aversion therapy’ on ATVs, UTVs and Side by Side vehicles in workplaces around the world since 2006. 

The principle of SpeedSafe operation is to make the vehicle so ‘unpleasant’ to drive above the ‘set’ speed limit, that operators voluntarily maintain speeds below the ‘set’ speed. 

When using SpeedSafe the vehicle has full power available up to the ‘set’ speed limit, but progressively runs out of power above the ‘set’ speed. It achieves this by progressively imposing an engine misfire which steadily increases to ensure that the vehicle is unable to go faster than a few kph / mph above the ‘set’ limit.

‘Penalty’ mode is an additional feature available to owners / supervisors to assist in further modifying operator behaviour.

When enabled, penalty mode allows the owner / supervisor to impose a penalty in the form of speed reduction and duration of time of the penalty speed reduction.

For example, if a driver continually attempts to go faster than the ‘set’ speed, penalty mode will be enforced and a new lower set speed will be enforced for a set duration of time.


How to ‘set’ the speed limit;

The SpeedSafe speed limiter default is 25kph (15mph) when it is enabled, however the owner or supervisor can program any desired speed limit on the vehicle.  


Benefits of using SpeedSafe speed limiters:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced on going maintenance costs
  • Promotes best practice Health and Safety standards
  • Decreases liability


SpeedSafe speed limiter applications:

Thousands of SpeedSafe units have been sold into workplaces across Australia and Internationally with repeat orders acknowledging its utility across multiple industries including;

  • Railways
  • Mining
  • Agriculture
  • Horticulture
  • Tourism
  • Councils
  • Large industry

SpeedSafe speed limiters are compatible with the MC Cruise QuadCruise electronic cruise control.

 The SpeedSafe speed limiter may be added to an existing QuadCruise installation or fitted as a stand alone speed limiter without the QuadCruise cruise control.


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