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Triumph Thunderbird Customer Feedback

Triumph Thunderbird Customer Feedback

Good morning Tony and Frank

 Just thought I would provide some feedback on the cruise control I purchased from your company.

 As far as the installation goes, I had Lloyd Chapman Motorcycles (Triumph dealer) in Perth install the unit and it took them around 5 hours to install.

 They were very happy with the instructions given it was their first time.

 As far as the cruise control goes on the bike, I am very happy with the way it fits onto the bike, very neat and tidy.

 Using the cruise is very easy and performs very well.

 I was able to do a straight 50km on an open rode without having to touch it and the speedo needle didn’t move a bit…well certainly wasn’t noticeable anyway

 Thanks again and a great product.


 Daryl           25 June 2015  - Western Australia