Triumph Rocket III Customers Feedback

Triumph Rocket III Customer Feedback

I found MCCRUISE while doing a web search for electronic motorcycle cruise control kits. I hate throttle locks. I went to their website and saw a message to please email them for the specific instructions for my specific bike and read over them to make sure I could do the install myself. I was very pleased because the instructions arrived by email very quickly. I read them over and was simply amazed. These guys have put together bike specific instructions that are extremely detailed including pictures. So I ordered the kit up. It arrived super fast. It installed as per the instructions. No surprises. Tony and Frank are awesome with their help. They excel in customer service. I wish every company I did business with over the internet would take lessons from these guys. By the way, almost a side note, the cruise works beautifully and looks factory. Wonderful experience.

Robert Bachmeier

Bismarck, ND

 Hi Tony
I have finished up on the install for my wife's Suzuki Boulevard, thank you very much for your prompt help with the couple of problems I ran into. I didn't expect you to get back to me that fast it was awesome. Your instructions over the phone were easy to follow and fixed the issue right away.
So I also finished up the install on my Triumph Rocket 3, it went in with no problems at all, the instructions were clear and easy to follow.
I have taken both bikes out on test runs, and the cruise works as advertised on both. Unfortunately it has decided to snow a little this weekend so we haven't braved the cold to go on a ride, Monday is supposed to be 20 degrees C so we are looking forward to giving them both a good run and seeing how the cruise is to use, looking forward to it. We went on a 7 week 14,000 km trip last year and I wish we would have had it for that trip, but we will be doing more like it.
Thanks again Neil

Tony & Frank,

Hi guys, I just wanted to let you know that the cruise is working like a charm. After we chased down the open ground on the actuator last night I was able to perform a successful rev test right at 10 presses!  I took my Rocket (aka the Freight-train) out this afternoon and got a code 7 error. I easily ran it through the clutch sensor configuration and she started working like a champ! I also re calibrated the speed sensor and everything is set. 

 What I noticed immediately is that there is no detectable lag time when the  cruise engages.  It also maintains the speed exactly where it is set regardless of the terrain. I love it!  Now I'm ready to go ride in comfort!

 Thank you for your assistance.  I am very impressed w the extremely high quality engineering work and thought which has gone into every aspect of the device, it is very well made and crafted.  I wouldn't be surprised it it outlives my bike. Nice job boyos!

Thanks again!


Tony and Frank,

All I can say is WOW! What a great product this is and how wonderful the customer service was. It was an easy install and with just a little dialing in, it is great! Smooth and does everything you would think a cruise would do.

Thank you for the help with final setup and the fast shipping.

Adam, Muncie, Indiana (May 2013)

Hi Guys,

Well I have installed the Cruise Control on my Triumph Rocket and I am impressed! I appreciated the concise installation instructions with detailed pictures - it was actually enjoyable putting this on my bike and there was no drama. Not only the system looks part of the bike, it actually works very well without me having to tweak anything (what an unexpected bonus).

I have just returned from a overnight trip with the guys (1200kms in 2 days) and I didn't have the numb throttle hand to put up with and actually could divert more attention on the surrounds. Much more enjoyable... I normally don't send these kind of reviews to companies I have bought products from but this case is an exception.

Thanks for your excellent product and service!


Brett, Western Australia

Dear Tony,

I finally got the cruise control installed on my Rocket 3 last weekend, and I cannot be happier with it. It works pretty much exactly as promised, and takes riding the beast to a whole new comfort level. It actually worked quite well right out of the box (with just the in-shop tests completed), but I went ahead and road-recalibrated it yesterday just to make certain it was properly adjusted for my specific bike. Doing so makes it take hold and grab the setting better, and hold the set speed a little tighter. It even holds 30 MPH like a charm! I'm so glad I didn't return it to you!

Anyway, after being unable to convince the motorcycle people to do the install, I approached my Saab mechanic, who is a wonderful, meticulous and very technically adept fellow. I asked him if he would help, and he said "just send me the manuals and I'll take a look." It took him just a couple of days to get back to me (he said he took an hour or so to look at the manuals) and he agreed to help me get the system on the bike. We finally got to it last Saturday, and because of his doing everything absolutely "by the book," and not being familiar with the bike, it took about 6 hours to get it done, door to door. He was impressed with the quality of the components in the system, as well as the clear and detailed installation instructions. He really had no significant trouble with the install, even though he does not work on motorcycles at all.

The only issue I have now is that the throttle is a tad bit stiffer than before, and the engine returns to idle a little slower than before the install. My mechanic opted not to lube the throttle lines with light oil (the bike has only 3,500 miles on it), and he said the throttle cables are braided stainless in Teflon sleeved covers. the throttle was very light to begin with, and he told felt that lubricating the cables with Teflon sleeves in there would be counter-productive. Anything you can recommend to address this? I'd love to get the throttle back to the lightness it had before, but even if I can't, the extra pull is well worth being able to release my right hand while riding. So, let me know what you think please, I know this is a long email, but I really want you to know what happened, and how happy I am with your product.

My very best regards,

Jeffrey, Denver, CO, USA (Oct 2007)


MCS' reply:

Hi Jeff,

Regrettably your mechanic called it wrong on the cable lubrication.

The oil we recommend does two things - It makes the Teflon lined cable outer slipperier without damaging it AND stops the inner cable rusting. We know it goes against a lot of common practice but 20 years experience tell us this works. So we do recommend you do this, but you must make sure you use exactly the oil we specify - sewing machine oil.

The other thing you should check is that there is freeplay in the throttle grip. It is critical that there is some freeplay here otherwise the continuous inner loop binds in the outer. You can adjust this with the adjuster on the opening throttle cable at the handlebar. Naturally you have added the CIU and the new carb cable to the system, so it is inevitable that there is a little more friction. I hope you can be comfortable with it.

Best regards,

Tony Guymer, Director MCCruise

I would like to say it (the cruise) is working great and your installation instructions are the best.


Mike, Colorado, USA (May 2011)


You may remember I purchased the Rocket III Cruise Control a few weeks ago. Mate I got to tell you I love it, the installation was easy and the instructions were great. Everything fit as it should and nothing went wrong, the only way for anything to go wrong would be not to follow the instructions.

The only thing I ended up having to do was turn the sensitivity from the preset 8 down to 3 as it was accelerating too much and then slowing again. Now it works fantastic and so far is the best thing I have bought for the bike and I'm the gadget king, so there are a few of them.

OK I just wanted to let you know but I did not want to register on the web site. Thanks very much and all the best.


Volker, Australia (Oct 2007)

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