Software Upgrade Or Replacement Computer Customers Feedback

Software Upgrade/Replacement Computer Customer Feedback



Thank you kindly for this. After reading it I gave the cruise control a bit of a go on the way home. All good!! Works like a charm and a lot more responsive and exact than the last model. Well done to you both.

Kind regards,

Trevor, Tanah Merah, Queensland, Australia (May 2013)

Yamaha FJR1300 2006

Hi Frank,

Thanks so much for your assistance yesterday. Especially, I appreciated you finding and repairing the throttle cable problem.

The cruise control worked really well (for 90 minutes), it was quite smooth and very responsive. For me the SET and RESume response was probably more the issue than anything else (previously) and now that is instantaneous - it is great.

I stopped at the Caltex servo just south of Seymour for a coffee and break, got back on the bike and turned on the cruise control. Red light came on but nothing else worked. Would not set, nor resume. After a few km, I stopped, turned off the bike, then continued. Same, no response. (MANUFACTURERS NOTE: THE NEW SOFTWARE DEMANDS THAT THE BRAKES BE APPLIED AFTER THE CRUISE CONTROL HAS BEEN POWERED UP BEFORE IT WILL ENGAGE. THIS IS A NEW SAFETY FEATURE BECAUSE IF THE BRAKES ARE NOT WORKING FOR ANY REASON, THEN THE CRUISE CONTROL WILL NOT ENGAGE!  Alan did not know this at the time.

At Shepparton, I stopped to order new tyres and then headed back to Yarra. This time the cruise control worked exactly as expected, so I am hoping this was just a minor abberation. I see in your trouble shooting guide from yesterday that this can happen, but I was surprised it did so soon. I am back to Shepp tomorrow for the tyres and no doubt will use the cruise control on the way. Thanks again for your help.


Alan, Victoria, Australia (May, 2013)

I received the updated computer the other day, installed it and finally got some road time using the new upgrade. I like what you've done to the software!

In general the unit is much more precise in holding speed especially on hilly roads at a moderate speed. It takes much less time to pick up the transition from downhill sections to uphill sections.

Thanks again for a great product and service.

Matt (Kansas USA) (Nov, 2013)


Yamaha FJR1300 2006-7

Hi Frank and Tony,

Just took the FJR for a trial run after replacing the cruise computer.

The original software pack I had was 2.83 and whilst I loved the cruise control on the FJR it certainly had some speed creep issues, no matter what adjustments I made as per the handbook.


My wife has a VTX1300 and her unit, also version 2.83, has always had great speed stability. I read about the upgrade and whilst mine was too early a version to re-flash I bit the bullet and invested in the complete new computer and software upgrade.


Well what a difference, it is a stable as any cruise control I have used, fantastic. I will be recommending the upgrade to a number of other FJR riders I know who had similar same issue as mine.


Also thanks for the great support in resolving the sticky solenoid problem, fabulous service.


Dennis K



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