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QuadCruise - Precise Speed & Spray Control

QuadCruise™ is the registered Trademark for Motorcycle Cruise Controls. ”ATV

QuadCruise is the world's only model-specific after-market cruise control built specifically for ATV's, 4 Wheeler's and Quad Bikes to operate at consistant very low speeds.

One application where the all terrain vehicle is being used, is for spraying in agriculture.

QuadCruise has an operating range of between 2mph (3kph) and 15mph (25kph) and can typically hold the vehicle's speed within +/- 0.3mph (+/- 0.5kph) of the set speed over 95% of the time. This remarkable statistic applies over rough ground, undulations, hills and flat ground. On ovals and areas which are very flat the performance is even better.

”ATVQuadCruise has been in use in Australia since 1999 when it was first released and has a proven track-record for being robust, reliable and accurate.

Consider QuadCruise today. 

Your productivity will improve measurably! No more patchy spray jobs. No more over dosing the soil or wasting chemical. 

No more aching thumbs, wrists and arms from long hours trying to hold a set speed on your ATV. QuadCruise delivers economic, ergonomic and environmental benefits.

Whatever the application, you will find QuadCruise a great benefit. Please feel free to read the customer reviews on this web site.

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