MotorCycle Cruise Controls Business Philosophy

MotorCycle Cruise Controls' Business Philosophy

Our products are made to the highest standards, using the best quality materials we can source.  We don't release new products until we are sure they deliver on performance, reliability and serviceability.


We have developed and implemented strategies and software to facilitate supporting our products.  The world bears no resemblance to the 'fifties when I grew up.  We now have internet allowing us to provide brilliant instructions full of photographs, affordably and almost instantaneously by email or from a  web site.

We use VOIP which permits us to phone customers if they have a problem, cheaply - anywhere in the world on landlines and to many places on mobiles.  Our strategy has been to use this modern day communications infrastructure by developing software which can tell us what is wrong - or if anything is wrong (diagnostic mode) so we can impart our expertise in resolving issues quickly.


We don't believe the current 'global' business model is sustainable, where everything is 'disposable'.  We have finite resources on this planet and our task is to be smart enough to design things which can be serviced - cheaply.  We make them in the first instance, so they don't break!  With our computer modules this has been incredibly successful - they virtually never fail because we pot them so water ingress and vibration can't destroy them.  However, that makes them unserviceable - so we have to build them better to start with.

We used the same design and construction philosophy on our new electric servo, but we can service them.  We can easily replace parts in them and those parts are relatively cheap.  Time will tell how long they will last, but I doubt that they can be as good as our vacuum servo which comes from the car industry.  We still have vacuum units in service which were originally sold in 1997!  We have just been advised that we have to buy our last batch of these - they are being phased out of production by our suppliers.


Customers often ask me - where can I buy this in the USA?  My answer is - why would you want to?  There are no import duties and no taxes.  If we sell kits up to a value of $2000USD, there is no brokerage for manual processing through US customs and individual customers usually only want one kit.

Compare this to some other countries like Europe and Brazil, where they shoot themselves in the foot with massive duties and taxes. (Why taxes apply on a product no-one else in the world makes, is beyond me.  Who are they protecting?  And it means that half the worlds financial troubles derive from the fact that tax evasion has become a game.  Everyone wants all the infrastructure and support services, but no-one wants to pay for them.  Personally, I don't have a problem with paying tax at all.  What I want is a system where EVERYONE pays appropriately [equally?] - including companies.)

MotorCycle Cruise Controls designs, develops, manufactures and sells these kits.  Every kit is custom built. We are the only company in the world who makes what we make.  Who else can possibly know more about the product than us? If you can buy a product safely on-line with no chance of fraud on your credit card, you can email and talk to the manufacturers and they respond in a timely fashion, if the product gets to you more often more quickly than it would be delivered if shipped from within the USA and as long as you can install it to the point where diagnostics mode can be run, then the company can and does support you on the phone in resolving any issues - why would you buy anywhere else?

Many motorcycle riders are capable home mechanics.  If you fit that demographic, with our instructions and support, you can do this.  If not, hopefully you have a trusted, capable mechanic who we can support in exactly the same way we support home mechanics. We can usually tell within seconds on a phone call or by email whether an individual is capable of installing.   We won't 'bullshit' to you in order to make a sale.  It is a 'pain in the butt' trying to teach people over the phone what they should have known before they started.  We prefer not to sell an item than have disgruntled customers and all the stress of trying to fix problems that should never have happened in the first place - over the phone.  Consequently, that rarely happens.

If you do buy from a dealer who sells our product - who supports it?  In the end, we do.  This is what we say in the email providing tracking information when EVERY kit is despatched - no matter who buys it:

  • If you have a problem, don’t waste time hunting through the Trouble Shooting Guide and Diagnostics when we can almost certainly point you straight to the problem.  Simply EMAIL us with a brief description of the problem and a phone number and we will call you as soon as possible and diagnose the cause and advise how to fix it. This applies whether you do it, or a trained mechanic.

Finally, the price is the same no matter where you buy.  If you buy from us, we offer the product at the most affordable price we can, factoring in a 20% margin for dealers.  That is a pretty low margin for dealers, but we know that our product is at the top of the 'affordability' scale.  Clearly we want to stay in business, we need sufficient profit to support the endless R&D and marketing and we set a price point where we manage to stay alive if we sell at least 40% of product directly.  We could not maintain current prices if 100% sold at trade price. We don't know how to be any fairer than that.  We are not rich, but after opening the doors 20 years ago - we are still here - despite 9/11, enormous exchange rate fluctuations, the Global Financial Crisis and a million other factors which could have bankrupted us.

We hope that will give you the confidence to buy our product. You won't regret it.

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