Motorcycle Cruise Control Reviews

Valkyrie - 10 April, 2006

Dear Sirs, I have never written a note like this before, but really feel compelled to send you this. I received the cruise control unit several days after you sent the email saying it had been shipped. I installed it on the bike yesterday and everything went perfectly. Your instructions were perfect in every way. I don't think I have ever installed something, especially this complex and have every instruction make sense and work exactly as printed. The pictures were enormously helpful. After going thru your diagnostics and buttoning up the bike, I took it for a test ride and everything work just as I had hoped. The unit is extremely responsive and I couldn't be happier. I work at a Honda - BMW dealership in the Cleveland, Ohio area and am an officer in the Gold Wing Road Riders Association. I will not hesitate to recommend your products to anyone who asks. Thank you again for an excellent product and excellent instructions. Jim Hodges


Pacific Coast - 20 June, 2005

Thanks for keeping the Pacific Coast installation manual online. I had a right side tip over on a steep motel driveway (at least 35 degree angle in the Adirondack Mountains) last weekend and my cruise control stopped working. I remembered what happened with gasoline flooding the vacuum stop valve a couple of years ago when Frank helped me out via email (very detailed email I might add) and sure enough it was full of gasoline. After blowing it out and letting it sit to dry overnight I could not remember if the white end faced the carbs or the vacuum actuator. Not being able to find my paper manual I went to your web site hoping it was still there. Thanks for thinking of us "old time" customers. I have 122,000 miles on my Pacific Coast and the cruise still works great.


PS I hope you will be making a cruise control for whatever model bike I buy to replace my Pacific Coast, assuming it ever wears out. Actually, I've told people I will not buy any motorcycle that does not have a cruise control available from you guys. TD Seneca Falls, NY


BMW R1100S - 11 December, 2004

Hi Tony, I made it back home this evening at 6:15pm covering 689km in 8 hours 45 minutes with a 30 minute stop in Bruthen and a 15 minute stop in Cann River. On the first leg from Mt Waverley to Sale I sat on an indicated 105kph and covered 192km and only used 8.17 litres of fuel which works out at 4.25 litres per 100km which is a definite improvement on my usual 5 litres per 100km.

From Sale onwards I upped the speed to an indicated 115kph most of the way. Perhaps because the trip is uphill from Cann River to Canberra and perhaps because I sat on 115kph for most of the way I used 34.68 litres of fuel overall which works out at nearly dead on 5 litres per 100km so there was no noticeable improvement in fuel consumption overall but the low fuel consumption on the first leg is a positive indication that better consumption is possible using the cruise control on flat roads.

As for the performance of the unit itself – it worked like a dream! No problems whatsoever. The one time it cut out on me was around Bruthen but I had my fingers over the brake lever and I may have given it an involuntary twitch. My right hand is not noticeably more tired than my left as I was able to take it in turn to relax them both on the way back. I am very pleased with the result.

There was very little rain until I hit Cann River but then it came down in bucket loads until I reached Bombala. The cruise control was unaffected by the weather. So…I am very pleased with the purchase! Thanks for all your efforts (and Frank’s) and I will be in contact soon after I have written the draft of the article for the ACT BMW MCC magazine.

October, 2004

October 9, 2004 Tony and Frank Guymer MotorCycle Setup Pty. Ltd. 6 Kingston Street Mount Waverley Victoria Australia 3149 Tony and Frank, Just a quick note of thanks and a couple of pictures from this week's successful installation of one of your cruise controls on my ST1300. Pic1 Pic2Pic3 We had some decent weather on Thursday and I got out of work a bit early, so I had a chance to take my bike out for a couple of hours. Boy, what a treat to be able put the bike in cruise and watch it stay at a rock solid constant speed up hills or down. I work in information technology and unfortunately I'm very familiar with poorly thought out, poorly engineered, poorly documented, and poorly supported products. It's a pleasure to encounter a product, and a nice couple of guys to work with, that are exactly the opposite of all of that. Your documentation is superb, you've got a great product, and you did a terrific job of thinking through and selecting the best installation option for my bike. Last, but not least, in the instances when I had some questions during the installation, you were generous with your time while we got things back on track. If there's a downside to this, it's with my wife who rides a Heritage Soft tail. I know you've got a product coming out of the shoot in another couple of months that will work for her. Drop me a note when it's ready to ship. Keep up the good work. It's been a pleasure to get to know you and your products. John A Seattle

September, 2004

Hi Tony, I wanted to take a moment and drop you a line to complement you on your fast shipping, excellent installation instructions and great product. You see, I purchase a lot of items over the internet each month (although admittedly few outside the United States), mostly with varying results. Upon ordering your Cruise Control for my Honda ST1300A, I was surprised to receive delivery in just three days, especially considering it was coming all the way from Australia. So, I installed the unit this past weekend. It did take some time, as I expected, but the installation instructions were very complete. In fact, your instructions for the amount of work involved were the best I have ever seen. Surely, you are to be complemented. Last, after installing the cruise control, I was anxious to try it out. As the saying goes, "proof of the pie is always in the pudding." The unit worked flawlessly the first time. In closing, let me just say, thanks again for the great service and for producing such an excellent product. Yours Truly, William J. Wallace Aliso Viejo, CA U.S.A.

May, 2004

Subject: Cruise Hello Tony. I had trouble locating you on the web today due to another company in Austrailia trying to horn in on your business. I have been receiving numerous inquiries about your cruise and I have been referring them to you at Hope this OK. I have about 2000 miles on my cruise now and I just love it. It works flawlessly and makes riding my bike a pure pleasure on open stretches. Everyone I know wants one, but, unfortunately, they haven't been developed for all bikes yet. My working associate has a 1600 Kawasaki Classic and is drooling for one. I have also had a lot of inquiries from VTXOA members. If they only knew how fantastic this product is, you would probably be covered up in orders. (you probably are anyway). Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I am extremely satisfied with my cruise and the service that you and your company provided during installation. Here in the good 'ole USA, that kind of service is hard to find. I wish you much success in your endeavors. If I can be of any assistance in marketing your product, please don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks, Bob F MO USA

March, 2004

Dear Tony and Frank,

I just wanted you to know that I got my cruise control installed correctly and I must tell you that it works perfect. Due to my mechanical and electrical ineptness, you were always there to help me through the next step if I needed it with prompt emails and a "nailer" solution to whatever problem I encountered. I must admit that any problem that I encountered was not your fault, but my fault for not following the directions properly or not understanding something that was really easy to understand. Your customer support is nothing short of fantastic and, without you, I probably wouldn't have completed the install correctly. At any rate, the job is done and the cruise works without flaw. It holds speed dead on and accelerates or decelerates as it is supposed to. The safety features are great. Actually, it works just like the cruise control in my automobiles. No adjustments of the dpi switches were needed at all. You folks have a GREAT product. Being in marketing and sales as a profession, I think your product has tremendous market potential here in the USA. Any serious motorcycle enthusiast that does any cruising at all should want one of these. Please feel free to use me as a reference when you have someone interested in purchasing your Cruise Control. It is, without a doubt, the most sensible thing that I have added to my VTX 1800 C. Bob F MO USA

October, 2003

G'Day Tony & Frank, Just a short note to let you know it has been almost 2 years since you installed my Cruise Control on my 2001 Honda VFR 800. It is still working perfectly. Up the Hume Highway speed 110 kph , hit the cruise control and enjoy the ride don't have to worry about Speed cameras or radar. It works that well I use it in the metro area,where the speed limits are 50 kph. I have to thank you as this was the best investment I have ever made. Regards......Bill Fairley

October 2003

Hi Frank, I purchased and installed your ECC on my K12 approx 3 years ago and I thought I would update you with my experience with it to-date. Overall it has been superb. It has totally transformed the way I ride the K and made the riding experience much more enjoyable and relaxed. I often do long distances in a day (1200km-1600km) and so the cruise is an obvious benefit there. However, it is also a great benefit in preventing speeding tickets too! In the 12 months prior to putting your ECC on the bike I accumulated enough points to lose my licence for 3 months. Since putting the cuise on I have only had one accidental speeding ticket when I missed a speed zone change from 100km to 80km and got caught for doing 104 in a 80km zone. The only hiccup I had with the system was about 9 months ago when it started to get intermittent drop-outs, along with the speedo flickering. This got worse over a couple of weeks until finally the speedo and the cruise all stopped working completely. I undressed the bike and started checking connections and found that the ECC earth connection under the seat was a thin brass circle that had fatigued and broken off. So I fitted a replacement aluminum alloy (press-fit) end and re-attached the earth. This seemed to fix the problem, but the ECC was very flakey. It would take 2-3 attempts to 'set' the speed each time, then it would drop out quite regularly, often with a bump in the road or a change in terrain. It surged more and I had to drop the sensitivity to low to keep it working. After thinking about it for a while, I decided that the quality of the connection that I put on may not be good enough and might be interfering with the signal. So as a first attempt to fix, I took the press fit connection and soldered it to the wire to improve the electrical qualities of the connection. I have to say the transformation in the ECC performance has been stunning. It is now performing so reliably and so smoothly that I feel it is functioning better than when first installed. All I can assume is that the ECC controller is very susceptible to the quality of the signal it receives, so the quality of the connections and expecially the earth has a big impact on the overall performance of the unit. Needless to say I'm very happy with the system now and would recommend it to anybody riding any sort of larger bike. I would also recommend that you beef up the earth connection, it should not have broken from straight fatigue. Thanks again for a great ECC unit. Kind regards Stephen Lewin Executive Director Quantel International Ltd Building Successful Businesses P: +64 9 414 5030 F: +64 9 414 5037 M: +64 21 970 569 W: A: PO Box 302 590, North Harbour, Auckland, NZ A: 1250 Capital of Texas Hwy South, Building 2, Suite 300, Austin, Texas 78746


Just wanted to drop you guys a line, I've received my cruise control and am very happy with it. It works very well and the quality of the instructions were superb. I'm going to look into powder coating the metal bracket for the control panel, this might be something you could consider looking into for the future as the bare metal looks a bit unrefined (or maybe just mention "powder coating" in the manual as an option, since I certainly didn't realize it was a possibility until a friend mentioned it). Thanks again for a quality product. Mike

September 2003

Have used the cruise in over 8,000 miles of riding this Summer. Great product. Thanks, Bob (Honda ST1300)

Tony, .........................I am pleased with the customer service & quick R & D I received. I will put in a good word @ the FJR Owners online forum. Thanks Again, Jeff (Yamaha FJR1300 2003 non ABS)

Cruise Control is already installed and taken on a very short test run. So far so good. This weekend I have a 700+ mile ride planned so I should be able to make good use of the cruise. Since I am not sure of the performance of the unit I will not comment on it, but I will say the installation was very easy and the instructions were great. It took me between 6-7 hours to install the unit broken down over 3 evenings. I only encountered a few problems so minor they are not worth mentioning. I had looked seriously at home made installations with car cruise controls, but I was in no mood to cut wires, fabricate brackets, make vacuum canisters etc. I was also worried about how safe this type of installation would be. Cruise safety should not be an issue with your unit. Pull in the clutch with the cruise engaged and it will disengage. Use the front brake, cruise disengages, use the back brake cruise disengages. With the safety and ease of installation I feel that I got my monies worth. Jeff (Honda ST1100)

Two years on - cruise is still going strong! (Aug 2003)

Name: John McCoy, USA. Email:

I am not one to respond to a company in regard to a product, unless it is worthwhile. I have used your cruise control for two years now, and it has performed flawlessly, and has increased my touring enjoyment to the point that I tour places I normally would not go. I have used a throttle lock for years, but they do nothing for hills and wind. Your product is worth every penny spent, and the installation instructions were excellent also. The quality of the components are top shelf, and the fact that the cruise control is custom designed and engineered for bike specific application made the purchase an enjoyable and worthwhile investment in my comfort and safety. Because I stay comfortable longer, and therefore more alert, it helps me ride farther, safely. It also prevents me from inadvertantly speeding, or driving too slow, as with a throttle lock. Job well done! Will recommend your product to anyone who wants a real cruise. Best regards, John McCoy

Honda VFR800 (1999) - 28 May, 2001

Hello all. As of this afternoon, I completed the install of my MCcruise electronic cruise unit on my '99 VFR800. (AKA GL800RR) After corresponding with Frank Guymer of MCsetup in Australia, I ordered it from Alan Cannon in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Alan is the Canadian distributor for MCsetup. He is also a fellow rider. (Kawi Concours) Alan bought a cruise unit for his own bike and liked it so much, he went into business selling them. Thanks Al and Frank! Great job by all!

Installation was straightforward, and including stripping/reinstalling the Klingon's cloaking device, took about 6 hours (really taking my time and double checking everything).

The kit contained absolutely everything required to fit it to the bike. Even copious quantities of zip-ties in varying lengths. The directions were clear and concise. It truly is plug and play with no cutting or snipping or soldering necessary.

After getting everything flanged up, I went for a ride and immediately started up the biggest hill I could find, in high gear and the bike would climb it without wavering speed at all. The only thing I noticed was a bit of "hunting" on level ground at lower speeds (around 25-35mph, but no problems at highway speeds). This was easily tuned out by adjusting the sensitivity of the unit to the "low" position. There are three positions to adjust the sensitivity, low, medium and high. MCsetup recommends the medium position, but I found that the low setting cured my hunting problem.

YMMV. I cannot tell you all how cool it is to have my right hand freed from the throttle grip. I only went for a ½ hour ride on the highway, but the freedom to stretch and relax my hand and arm, and to alternate arms was just marvelous. The unit will pay for itself in reduced fatigue on the way to&from California for WSB/AMA at Laguna.

For any of you concerned with the safety aspect of the unit, don't be. It has numerous built-in features that make it completely safe. For example: The unit is tied into the ignition and if there is a rapid increase in RPM, the unit disengages. I tested it by pulling in the clutch while cruising at 5000 rpm in 6th gear. By 6500, the unit had cut out and the revs only rose to 7000 before falling off. This feature is adjustable as well, but I feel it works well enough as is, so I left it alone.

There are also other failsafe features and that makes me feel very secure about using the cruise system. It truly lives up to all the claims made by MCsetup. It works exactly like the cruise in your car, only better. With the excellent power/weight ratio of a bike, the speed uphill stays spot-on. I saw about a 1% variation in speed going up AND down some wickedly steep hills at 60 MPH. Of course, my bike is geared shorter than stock, due to the -1 front sprocket, but I'll be going back to stock gearing for the roadtrip to CA and I don't expect the speed to vary much then either.

I will not deny that it's expensive, but after you've used a TRUE cruise system, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. For all you LD riders out there, give it some serious thought. I personally think that if you compare usefulness and on-road performance per dollar spent, the MCcruise beats the ThrottleMeister with one [right] hand tied behind your back. (Pun Intended!) IMHO, YMMV, no relation, yadda yadda yadda. Later...ROB

Rob McKinnon's Profile Page: Website:

Honda ST1100

I enjoy your new ECC (Electronic Cruise Control). I found many good reasons to help justify the expense during Rick's and my ride to Oregon last week. Besides the obvious reduction in fatigue and right wrist cramp, I found it much easier to caravan 2 or more bikes in formation (the lead bike's ECC speed does not vary), and when in high LEO areas, I simply set the ECC to a legally acceptable speed and kept my eyes on the road (as opposed to on the speedo). You will be amazed at how easily the ST handles the ECC (I was!) I used it under all manner of varied conditions, head winds, side winds, tail winds, uphill, down hill, curves, etc... The speed never varied more than
+ or - 1 mph. Average mpg for the trip 47.7 mpg with several tanks over 50 mpg.

- Comments by John parker, Reseda, Ca.USA

Kawasaki ZZR1100 and GTR1000 (Z1000GTR)

Its been over eight weeks since you fitted the cruise controls to the ROADSENSE Kawasaki ZZR1100 and GTR 1000 during which time Duncan and I have travelled about 18,000 kms!

To say that the cruise controls are fantastic would be an understatement as they are very precise and smooth in operation, unobtrusive in installation, easy to use and have enabled us to maintain safe and legal speed limits on countless boring kilometres of freeways when ones tendencies are to 'twist the wrist' or 'speed creep' thus resulting in the inadvertant breaching of the traffic act.

The cruise overcomes this 'freeway phenomenon' more than admirably allowing the rider more time to concentrate on their riding environment thus resulting in a safer ride.

In the near future I am looking forward to receipt of a Kawasaki Nomad and the first item I want fitted is... a Motorcycle Set Up Cruise Control!!

Thanks again guys!

- John Crockett, Senior Riding Instructor, Roadsense Australia


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