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Garden Sheds: Perfect for Motorbike Storage - MCCruise is pleased to be able to help a class of excited students on the 'other side of the planet' exploring the internet and finding useful links relating to our products. They came up with this one and we would like to thank them for their diligence.

We also want to throw out a new challenge for them: MCCruise now make cruise controls being used in 'autonomous' vehicles (no driver)  - specifically for ATVs.  Imagine driver-less ATVs trundling around the paddocks doing all the tedious, repetitive work a person/farmer now has to do?  That is a two-edged sword, because if people aren't working on the farm, what are they going to do to earn money to live?  But that seems to be the way of the future and we need to think about the ramifications now.  Who better than the children who will be most affected by such changes?

The staff here look forward to hearing about the kids exploring where our new products might be used and what the kids think the impacts might be of our new developments - and whether they will be good - or bad!    

Young Choppers - has some really interesting articles! Seems like objective advice and a good way to get a handle on your 'best' buy.  I am so impressed I am trying to get our MotorCycle Cruise, QuadCruise & ATV Speed Limiters reviewed on the site! - Tony Guymer, Director, MCCruise 31January, 2018

Motorcycle Insurance in the USA - a potentially helpful link for our US customers.

Motorcycle safety - an important link found by school children as a project for Rachel - thanks kids - from all of us who ride motorcycles.  Enjoy the pizza!

Protecting and Maintaining your Motorcycle

This link was sent to us by Jason through Rachel, for a school fundraiser.  MCCruise is happy to oblige in putting up the link on such an important topic.  Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Good luck with the fundraiser & enjoy the pizzas kids!

Motorcycle hire and travel in Vietnam - I have been dealing with Flamingo Travel for about 6 years now.  I go to Ha Noi often and always see them about hiring a motor scooter.  The staff there speak English quite well and I find them honest and straightforward to deal with.  Em Thuy and the other girls are very helpful and the owner, Hung Nguyen, excellent to deal with.  We have taken bus tours and accommodation arranged by Flamingo and always been well looked after. Bike hire: The scooters are not 'new' of course, but unlike other companies, I was able to see and test the bikes before setting off on long trips - 2,200kms in one case in 2011.  Moreover, if I needed something adjusted or fixed - they did it on the spot.  I was able to hook up my GPS electrically and prepare the bike easily.  They put on the tyres I needed for on/off road and the bike hire included saddle bags, some tools and riding gear.  I always choose to take my own riding gear all over the world however - much safer than the local stuff.

New off-road motorcycles cannot be imported into Vietnam and technically 250cc is the maximum engine capacity - though there are bigger bikes.  My brother and friend used Yamaha YBR125s and found them to be very versatile ($25USD per day hire).  My physical injuries necessitated a scooter - no clutch - so I hired a 125cc Honda Futura Neo and found it to be excellent.  (My left hand goes numb pretty quickly without cruise control so not having a clutch was good for me.) The locals go everywhere on these bikes - and I found I could too.  And only $12USD per day to hire!  A 250cc off-road bike will set you back $40+ USD per day)

Tony Guymer

For Information about what to do after a motorcycle accident - click here!

Quick Fix Honda
45 Seventh Street, Mildura, Victoria Australia, 3500 is the Best Source for Motorcycle Gear including Motorcycle Helmets, Motorcycle Jackets, Leather Chaps, Motorcycle Vests, Motorcycle Gloves, Biker Boots, Motorcycle Clocks, Goggles and All Things Motorcycle. - Motorcycle Gear for Women including Ladies Motorcycle Jackets, Womens Leather Motorcycle Vests, Pink Motorcycle Helmets, Lady Biker Boots, Leather Halter Tops and All Things for The Lady Rider.

Motorcycle Leather Jackets - Buy quality motorcycle gear and accessories from

Motorcycle - Most popular online motorcycle store, carries a full line of biker and motorcycle gear.

Link to 'Motosites' website for on-line accessories

Motorcycle Touring Association

Ronnie Cramer's Motorcycle Web Index

'Motorcycles' - Your complete guide to motorcycles - motorcycle articles and resources.

Australian ROADRIDER - the best sport touring motorcycle magazine around!

Motorcycle Boots - Selling top brand name Motorcycle and Leather Jackets.

The Motorcycle Trading Post  – free classified listing site (USA)

Biker Forum
The Biker Forum, the UKs premier biking forum, run by Bikers for Bikers.

GetGeared is a motorcycle superstore with a huge range of helmets, jackets, clothing and so on.

Hi to the 7 and 8 year old kids at Learning Haven who were asked by their very progressive teacher to search for web sites similar to  That was a pretty difficult task because we are the only ones in the world making model-specific, custom made, electronic cruise controls for motorcycles and ATVs And we design and build them right here in Australia. Click here for the link they found.  Congratulations kids -  great job for a group of youngsters!

Interesting information about electric scooters.

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