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 Mitigate the Effects of Climate Change on you, your family and your descendants - 33 Victoria Terrace, Eden, NSW, Australia


The owner of this block purchased in 2016 with a view to protecting himself and his family from 'Climate Change'.  Ironically, Climate Change priced the project out of his reach with the January, 2019 bushfires delivering substantially increased building costs and a lack of trades people across Australia, but in particular, in south-east New South Wales. Covid simply exacerbated the problem.

This is part of the Development Application for Bega Valley Shire Council and provides some background for potential purchasers:


Statement of Environmental Effects fo
Lot 239B
33 Victoria Terrace, Eden, NSW, Australia, 2551
Lot 2/DP1033082


A statement of environmental effects is a report that details and explains the likely impacts of the proposed development both during and after the development, and the proposed measures that will mitigate these impacts. It also includes a detailed assessment of the proposed development having regard to all policies and planning controls that apply to the land or type of development.

The Statement includes written information about proposal and any other factor of your proposal that cannot be readily shown by your plans. A high-quality Statement of Environmental Effects is an important component to a development application as well as high quality well designed.

A Statement of Environmental Effects details the likely impacts of the proposal, and the proposed measures that will mitigate these impacts. It is a written statement about the proposal that supports your plans and drawings.

This site and dwelling was identified and purchased, designed and planned after a 20 year, Global search which narrowed to an Australia-wide search for a site with very low BAL (Bushfire Alert Level), good solar energy and wind energy generation potential, consistent water supply, adequate population and infrastructure and access to locally grown foods and seafood.  Sustainable living was planned within the constraints of age and health, access and transport. the site is protected from severe tsunami and being built to provide shelter from severe winds, thunderstorms, tornadoes, rain and hail to the extent possible within limited finances.

Construction of a two-story dwelling at 33 Victoria Terrace, Eden was anticipated to have negligible impact on the environment.Mitigate the Effects of Climate Change - Concept image for 33 Victoria Terrace, Eden, NSW, AustraliaElectricity – generation/storage/ grid supply and export


The owner of the house has designed the dwelling to minimise electric power usage, support immediate consumption with 6Kw solar panels in the first instance and use Australian Redflow, environmentally friendly, solar batteries in the longer term.


No (LPG) gas usage is envisaged or planned.  No town gas is available.


The dwelling is perfectly situated to capitalise on wind generation as and when costs come down and units are aesthetically acceptable.


Every effort is being made to maximise design attributes for passive heating and cooling.  Windows are situated to maximise flow-through from both prevailing SW winds and the NE sea breeze.  All windows and doors will be double-glazed, clear glass, aluminium, thermally broken but the climatic conditions for the most part will be tempered by the proximity of the ocean.  Climate change has been anticipated in the build.

Construction strength and other matters

Construction will meet or exceed N4 wind standards, as intense east coast lows are anticipated in the near future, as a result of Climate Change. 

Stormwater - gutters and piping are designed to anticipate significantly increased rainfall intensities, which have already occurred in January, 2020 and at other times.

Stormwater collection is planned, but with little land area available (687 square metres) and the steep slope, massive water storage is prohibitively expensive.

Excess stormwater will be delivered to the existing pit in Victoria Terrace using the existing pipe in the southern boundary stormwater easement.

Sewer – pump-up sewer is the only option available right now, but development may see access to gravity sewer pipes to Victoria Terrace possible in the medium term.


The location of the house means impact from tsunami is highly improbable – any event will largely wash inland from Twofold Bay.

Sea Level Rise

NASA anticipates 6 metre sea level rise by 2021 – worst case. The house and land will not be adversely affected by such a rise.  In the longer term - 200-300 years when all ice has melted, the house will be inundated as the sea level will rise 60 metres.  I doubt civilisation as we know it would survive this, but I certainly won’t be around.

Six metre sea level rise will likely cut off access north and south via the Princes Hwy, but access to the Great Divide via Nethercote is expected based on current elevations.

Flora and fauna impacts

As the block is only 678Sq. M in area, located in a residential area of the town and the footprint of the building is relatively small, it is highly unlikely that adverse impacts on local flora and fauna will occur either during or after construction.

Soil erosion barriers, dust and wind-blown particulates

Construction will occur after barriers are in place and safety fencing erected – with netting on an as-needs basis. Excavation is planned in the latter half of the year when climatically, severe weather rainfall events are at a minimum and soil is damp, but not ‘muddy’.  Spoil from the garage dig is planned to be sued on-site on the north side of the southern retaining wall.  Minimal transport off-site is expected.

Rock extraction – will be subject to rock hardness and the ability of conventional excavators to extract it.  No rock hammers beyond electric kanga hammers are anticipated, so noise pollution should be minimal.  (Negligible compared to the blows being struck in the construction of the wave mitigation devices being installed in the Bay.)

2016 On-Site house building proposal

On-site building proposal - 2016

2022 Transportable house building proposal


Transportable Building proposal Western Elevation - 2022


Transportable Building proposal First Floor Plan View - 2022

Google Maps Excerpts:

Lot 239B - 33 Victoria Terrace Eden, NSW, Australia


Lot 239B - 33 Victoria Terrace Eden, NSW, Australia (incorrectly labelled Lot 237B)

Ede, New South Wales, Australia


The block faces SW and is sheltered by the headland of the Eden township,+Eden+NSW+2551/@-37.0697706,149.905456,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x6b3ea898d8558b03:0x2e7c2e1b81c4e222!8m2!3d-37.0697706!4d149.9076447 except google has it wrong and THE block is immediately EAST of the marked site - Lot 239B and has access via a battleaxe driveway – see satellite picture.

Interested parties should contact:

Tony Guymer, Director, MCCruise  Cell: +61408750122   Email:

Owner/Builder, NSW / Metallurgist / Meteorological Observer / Aviation Meteorological Forecaster / Meteorologist / Master in Environmental Pollution Control – specialising in Atmospheric Pollution Control / 'Climate Change' / 'Global Warming'

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