Kawasaki Customer Feedback

Kawasaki Z1400GTR Concours Customer Feedback

Hello there

I've just returned from crossing the Nullarbor. Melbourne to Perth return - nearly 8,000 kms.

For 99% of the vast journey the McCruise was engaged - it was flawless - simply superb!

It was great to enjoy the scenery for once, not having to look down every five seconds. Even smiling at the occasional copper who was pointing a radar gun at you - confidently knowing that your speed was spot on. The accuracy of the system was as good as any car I've driven - probably better! Tiredness at the end of 750km days, in the saddle, was massively reduced!

A couple of years ago I did the run up the east coast of Australia to Cooktown and back. On that occasion I used a good quality throttle lock - it ended up driving me crazy! Adjustment, even on the slightest gradient, was never ending - it was unbelievable! It turned out more of an annoyance than a benefit! On the way home the device ended up in my top box!

For touring there is simply no better accessory.

Well done - and thank you for an excellent product!

Simon Longfield (7 October, 2015)

Kawasaki Z1400GTR Concours Customer Feedback

Hi Tony & Frank,

I continue to be so grateful I found your company and installed your creation.  The 2011 GTR1400 has 82,000Kms on it from mostly almost all long distance rides using the cruise.  What a magnificent device.

I would add one other comment about McCruise.  The US owners group frequently talks about the need for factory cruise, but don’t seem to realize adding the McCruise is as good as, or better, on the GTR.  The system is also much better than the automobile units folks have used to create cruise control because of the safety features on the computer and the other features.

Matt, 5 October, 2015 USA


Email from a customer asking if we make a kit for the ZZR1400 (2013)...

.....Had bought an McCruise for my 2008 Kawasaki Concours and installed it myself. A most excellent product. Never had a problem in 100000 km's. I gave it to my son and he hasn't had any problems. 
 Hugo.  (Jan 27 2015, Edmonton, AB, Canada )

Kawasaki Z1400GTR Concours Customer Feedback

Just an update/feedback, it was a vacuum hose that came loose. Thanks for your advice to resolve the issue again. I will recommend you to anyone I talk to in the bike world.

Cheers. Peter (Jan 22 2015, Western Australia)

Kawasaki Z1400GTR Concours Customer Feedback

Tony,  (feedback on ELECTRIC SERV0 KIT)

Wanted to let you know I received the kit yesterday 11.12.14 around noon. I started the installation around 3:00Pm, completed and tested inside of 8 hours. This was my first installation.

I was very impressed with the setup and It appears to need no fine tuning at this point. Very Smooth!

The instructions were very good and complete! Thank you very much!

Rich,  Bonita Springs Fl (Nov 2014)

PS: R & R Canyon Cages added around 45 minutes.

Kawasaki Z1000GTR Concours Customer Feedback

It's been over eight weeks since you fitted the cruise controls to the ROADSENSE Kawasaki ZZR1100 and GTR 1000 during which time Duncan and I have travelled about 18,000 kms!

To say that the cruise controls are fantastic would be an understatement as they are very precise and smooth in operation, unobtrusive in installation, easy to use and have enabled us to maintain safe and legal speed limits on countless boring kilometres of freeways when ones tendencies are to 'twist the wrist' or 'speed creep' thus resulting in the inadvertent breaching of the traffic act.

The cruise overcomes this 'freeway phenomenon' more than admirably allowing the rider more time to concentrate on their riding environment thus resulting in a safer ride. In the near future I am looking forward to receipt of a Kawasaki Nomad and the first item I want fitted is... a Motorcycle Set Up Cruise Control!!

Thanks again guys!

John Crockett, Senior Riding Instructor, Roadsense Australia

Kawasaki Versys 1000 Customer Feedback


I am writing to tell you how stoked I am with the cruise control you guys designed and fitted for me. After I left your premises last Friday I managed to finally get on the freeway heading north to Qld. Didn't turn it off until Tocumwal. What a breeze that section was. After your suggestion to check / tighten the connectors at the rear wheel speed sensor, it was off again from West Wyalong to Warwick. 980 k's of sweet smooth riding, albeit bloody cold with a westerly gale blowing.

I have gotta say you guys have nailed it with this one. Apart from some very mild hunting going down steep hills, (hopefully a few tweaks will sort this) the system performed brilliantly. [MCS Note: the bike's fuel injection system shutting down causes this problem]

I will not hesitate to recommend your equipment to anyone who will stand still long enough to tell them. It has been a pleasure to deal with you both. Thanks again,


Rob, Nambour, Queensland, Australia

Kawasaki VN1600 Vulcan Customer Feedback

Everything is top quality, great instructions, easy to install, works well. Took me only 4 hours to install. I have some mechanical experience, but by trade I am an equipment operator.

David Laux, Hanna, AB, Canada

Straight install, with no issues, worked well from first use, would recommend.

Stephen Pittman

Kawasaki GTR1400 Customer Feedback

From the initial contact at all hours of the night (14-hour time difference), to the prompt delivery, to the high-quality product, I can’t say enough about the service or the hardware.

Despite the unbelievably detailed instruction, check-out, and user manuals, I felt that installing it on my 2011 Kawasaki Concours was a bit above my pay grade, so I had a local shop do it. When I picked up the bike, they went on and on about how well conceived it was and how well it worked, saying it was every bit the measure of factory-installed systems. (In fact, it even has adjustments you can’t make on a factory-installed unit.) They will recommend this product to their customers in the same manner I am recommending it now.

If you want true cruise control for your machine, and not something that merely clamps your throttle, buy this product.

Mike C, Phoenixville, PA, USA (Aug 2013)

Thanks for providing me with an excellent product in your cruise control that I've fitted to my Kawasaki 1400GTR. The build quality and comprehensive instruction are top grade. Now with 6000km up since fitting, I wish I had got one a lot earlier.

Thanks again,

Gavin Borgas


To be honest I was somewhat concerned that I may have "wasted" my money on your system and that my Audiovox/Rostra universal systems were just fine. I couldn't have been more wrong.

First off... Once I removed all the hacked and tapped wiring from the bike, I started to realize how much of a kludge these were. I was fearful that the CIU was going to be a PITA to install and adjust... Wrong again!

Now let me get to your wiring harness. What a piece of art! Not a single hack! Truly plug and play. Absolutely zero chance of having a tap go bad, because there aren't any. Well done!

Oh, and it works like a dream. My buddy (that rides a Harley) was impresses with the controls. He says that they look like something that would come from the factory.

You made a believer out of me!


Ray, Idaho, USA (March 2010)

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