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<title>MotorCycle Cruise Control Freight Information</title>
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<p align="center"><font class="NavigationPath"><font size="3"><b><font size="5">How 
  to use this web site!</font></b></font></font></p>
<p><b></b> All purchases made from this web site are in Australian dollars. International 
  customers should use the currency converter at left of screen to calculate a 
  close approximation to the price in their currency.</p>
<p><font class="NavigationPath"><font size="3"><b>Information on Freight Rates, 
  Import Duties, VAT/GST and where to find it.</b></font></font></p>
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<p><b>Freight costs:</b> This web site calculates the exact cost of freight for 
  most countries in the world. To do this it requires information about where 
  the customer is located. Once it has this information, it also calculates the 
  equivalent price in your local currency to the Australian dollar price. This 
  information is provided within the shopping cart. To price your product, including 
  freight, and get an approximate price in your currency:</p>
  <li>Simply add what you want to the shopping cart;</li>
  <li>If you are a new customer, click on the button and fill in your details</li>
  <li>If yoy are a returning customer who is registered, type in your username 
    and password;</li>
  <li>Type in the security password at the bottom of the screen to proceed. This 
    is required to stop spam robots filling our review sections with rubbish!</li>
  <li>At this point you see a screen where you can continue shopping, adding more 
    to your cart, or go to the checkout. </li>
  <li>If you go to the checkout the exact freight is calculated and the payment 
    options are presented. Make your payment method selection and proceed.</li>
  <li>On this page you see the kit cost, the freight cost and the total cost in 
    Australian dollars, the cost in your currency and all your shipping address 
  <li>At this point you can choose whether you want to buy or not. If not, simply 
    close the browser. If you do want to proceed, enter your card details and 
    submit the order.</li>
<p><b>Import Customs duties, taxes and brokerage fees:</b> Most countires in the 
  world have import duty, but not all apply tduty to our goods. Duties and taxes 
  (VAT or GST) are the customers responsibility and you should find out how much 
  these will be prior to purchase. There should not be any brokerage fees applicable. 
  Certainbly there are none in the USA, Canada, the UK and Europe to our knowledge.</p>
  <li> The USA and Canada have no duty applicable under the Harmonised Tariff 
    Code HTS8714.19.0060.</li>
  <li>The UK has 17% duty under the code HTS8714.19.0000 plus VAT.</li>
  <li>European countries' duties and taxes vary and customers should investigate 
    at this web site link to find out how much these fees will be - <a href="">click 

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