Honda VFR800F Interceptor Customers Feedback

Honda VFR800F Interceptor Customer Feedback

G'Day Tony & Frank,

Just a short note to let you know it has been almost 2 years since you installed my Cruise Control on my 2001 Honda VFR 800. It is still working perfectly. Up the Hume Highway speed 110 kph, hit the cruise control and enjoy the ride don't have to worry about Speed cameras or radar. It works that well I use it in the metro area, where the speed limits are 50 kph.

I have to thank you as this was the best investment I have ever made.


Bill Fairley (Oct 2003)

Hello all.

As of this afternoon, I completed the install of my MCCruise electronic cruise unit on my '99 VFR800. (AKA GL800RR) After corresponding with Frank Guymer of MCsetup in Australia, I ordered it from Alan Cannon in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Alan is the Canadian distributor for MCsetup. He is also a fellow rider. (Kawi Concours) Alan bought a cruise unit for his own bike and liked it so much, he went into business selling them. Thanks Al and Frank! Great job by all!

Installation was straightforward, and including stripping/reinstalling the Klingon's cloaking device, took about 6 hours (really taking my time and double checking everything). The kit contained absolutely everything required to fit it to the bike. Even copious quantities of zip-ties in varying lengths. The directions were clear and concise. It truly is plug and play with no cutting or snipping or soldering necessary.

After getting everything flanged up, I went for a ride and immediately started up the biggest hill I could find, in high gear and the bike would climb it without wavering speed at all. The only thing I noticed was a bit of "hunting" on level ground at lower speeds (around 25-35mph, but no problems at highway speeds). This was easily tuned out by adjusting the sensitivity of the unit to the "low" position. There are three positions to adjust the sensitivity, low, medium and high. MCsetup recommends the medium position, but I found that the low setting cured my hunting problem. YMMV.

I cannot tell you all how cool it is to have my right hand freed from the throttle grip. I only went for a =BD hour ride on the highway, but the freedom to stretch and relax my hand and arm, and to alternate arms was just marvelous. The unit will pay for itself in reduced fatigue on the way to&from California for WSB/AMA at Laguna.

For any of you concerned with the safety aspect of the unit, don't be. It has numerous built-in features that make it completely safe. For example: The unit is tied into the ignition and if there is a rapid increase in RPM, the unit disengages. I tested it by pulling in the clutch while cruising at 5000 rpm in 6th gear. By 6500, the unit had cut out and the revs only rose to 7000 before falling off. This feature is adjustable as well, but I feel it works well enough as is, so I left it alone. There are also other failsafe features and that makes me feel very secure about using the cruise system. It truly lives up to all the claims made by MCsetup.

It works exactly like the cruise in your car, only better. With the excellent power/weight ratio of a bike, the speed uphill stays spot-on. I saw about a 1% variation in speed going up AND down some wickedly steep hills at 60 MPH. Of course, my bike is geared shorter than stock, due to the -1 front sprocket, but I'll be going back to stock gearing for the roadtrip to CA and I don't expect the speed to vary much then either.

I will not deny that it's expensive, but after you've used a TRUE cruise system, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. For all you LD riders out there, give it some serious thought. I personally think that if you compare usefulness and on-road performance per dollar spent, the MCcruise beats the ThrottleMeister with one [right] hand tied behind your back. (Pun Intended!) IMHO, YMMV, no relation, yadda yadda yadda.


ROB (May 2001)

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