Honda ST1100 Pan European Customers Feedback

Honda ST1100 Pan European Customer Feedback

I first installed of motorcycle cruise units to my 1994 Honda st1100 in 1996. It was a wrist saver.

The cruise control worked like a charm. Instillation took some time but was well documented. Recently I bought a 96 ST1100 which had an cruise control installed in 1998 and now has in excess of 130,000 miles of use. I needed some help tweaking the unit and Tony responded immediately by email with help and suggestions.

I recommend if you are thinking of buying this product you will not disappointed. Ride well and keep the shiny side up.


Very nice item.

Kit is very complete and instructions easy to follow. Calibration settings make for a very user friendly operation. Looks like an OEM unit.

Not cheap or cheesy.

Fred Hall

Hi Frank/Tony,

Just wanted to say how absolutely rapt I am with the Cruise Control. Must admit the fitting instructions were a tad intimidating, so I had it fitted here at Canberra Motorcycle Center in Fyshwick. Reckon it was the best move too, they did an excellent, neat, tidy and professional job. It was fitted and ready just in time for the Snowy Ride.

I headed off down the Highway of Blue Light from Canberra to Cooma that Saturday morning with a much more pleasant ambiance pervading the long boring stretches. Must be human nature, you just want to get the straight bits behind you quickly, in order to start in on the swervery! There is nothing quite like recovering from spotting Mr. Plod radar gunning for you, and then looking at your speedo with relief because it is obediently doing the right numbers under the wise tutelage of the omniscient Cruise Control. My small self-satisfied grin was hidden by my helmet as I passed the red and blues - but I could not resist a restrained wave!

Just wanted to let you know I've had my mind set on one of these since I first spotted your ad in Australian Road Rider in 2004. Unfortunately, lack of spare Shekels kept me from getting one earlier (I've two teenage girls) but all good things come to those that do salt away into little stashes! I appreciate all your help, and wanted to say thank you for a really exceptional product.

You've thought through this stuff pretty much in detail and it pays off.

Keep up the good work!


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