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Honda PC800 Pacific Coast Customers Feedback

Honda PC800 Pacific Coast Customer Feedback

Thanks for keeping the Pacific Coast installation manual online.

I had a right side tip over on a steep motel driveway (at least 35 degree angle in the Adirondack Mountains) last weekend and my cruise control stopped working. I remembered what happened with gasoline flooding the vacuum stop valve a couple of years ago when Frank helped me out via email (very detailed email I might add) and sure enough it was full of gasoline. After blowing it out and letting it sit to dry overnight I could not remember if the white end faced the carbs or the vacuum actuator. Not being able to find my paper manual I went to your web site hoping it was still there.

Thanks for thinking of us "old time" customers. I have 122,000 miles on my Pacific Coast and the cruise still works great.

Anonymous (June 2005)