Honda GL1500C Valkyrie Customers Feedback

Honda GL1500C Valkyrie Customer Feedback

After speaking with you on Tuesday I disassembled my bike and made the adjustments you suggested and all I can say is absolutely perfect. I took the bike out for a 40 mile test ride tonight with my wife on the back and the bike held the set speed perfectly regardless of the terrain. I was hoping it would only loose 1-2 mph climbing hills but to my surprise no matter how steep or long the hill it held it's speed perfectly. In the directions it stated that the bike would search for the correct speed on downhill stretches but I didn't notice the bike searching at all. Thank you for creating this product I've been considering this purchase for 2 years now and I wish I hadn't waited. I'll go to your website and leave a positive review.

David, Fort Worth, Texas, USA


I purchased your cruise control for a 1999 Honda Valkyrie Interstate and my friend also purchased one for his 1997 Honda Valkyrie Tourer. We started Saturday morning and installed both cruises, followed the instructions, which are easy to follow step by step with pictures. The instructions are very detailed.

This cruise works better than my car cruise control. Awesome Product. Very happy.


Bruce, Leon, Kansas, USA (July 2013)


WOW. What a great product!

Took me about 3 hours to install, then worked perfect on the first try. I love being able to kick back rest my arms and hands and relax!!! Makes the ride so much more enjoyable.

If you tour you gotta have this product.

Mark Smith

Dear Sirs,

I have never written a note like this before, but really feel compelled to send you this. I received the cruise control unit several days after you sent the email saying it had been shipped.

I installed it on the bike yesterday and everything went perfectly. Your instructions were perfect in every way. I don't think I have ever installed something, especially this complex and have every instruction make sense and work exactly as printed. The pictures were enormously helpful. After going through your diagnostics and buttoning up the bike, I took it for a test ride and everything work just as I had hoped.

The unit is extremely responsive and I couldn't be happier. I work at a Honda - BMW dealership in the Cleveland, Ohio area and am an officer in the Gold Wing Road Riders Association.I will not hesitate to recommend your products to anyone who asks.

Thank you again for an excellent product and excellent instructions.

Jim Hodges (April 2006)

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