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Honda CRF1000 Africa Twin



I received the MotorCycle Cruise package Friday afternoon. I was so pleased that it showed up so quickly. Had I not had to get ready for my sister's 50th birthday party on Saturday, I'd have started tearing into my bike that evening. However, the wait did afford me the opportunity to read through the documentation once again, which helped a lot later. With the assistance of my father on Sunday, we were able to get the unit installed. It took us about 6 hours. Then we saved the diagnostics and testing for Monday night. The diagnostics went perfectly; no extra fine tuning was necessary. The road testing went well and the cruise works really well. I'm looking forward to my 5 days of vacation starting Thursday cruising the countryside. Thank you for answering all my questions and making such a great product.




Honda CB500X


         Exceptionally happy with the system you installed.   I recently rode from Canberra to Perth via lots of places, 5000km all up, and the system performed flawlessly.   I have just put a deposit on a Honda Africa Twin CRH 100L DCT (automatic) that should be here in about eight weeks (earthquake in Japan is affecting supply).  Will you be developing a system for this bike? (Editors note: we do have a system for the Africa Twin now, which Ian did purchase).



Honda VTX1800

After searching endlessly for a way to make long trips a bit more enjoyable, I found the MCC website. I contacted them via e-mail, and was promptly given all the information I needed, as well as some investigation needed on my part so that the custom built cruise control could be manufactured. I was in a bit of a rush, this was a last minute decision to purchase prior to a long (my first ever) multiple day overnight trip by motorcycle.

The guys were great, and very prompt. The cruise control was manufactured in just a couple days and shipped promptly half way around the world.

The contents of the package were complete, the directions were very detailed, but easy to follow, step by step with great photographs… the installation took about 6 hours, start to finish. I performed the tests and made some minor tweaks to the default settings, which were all very easy and explained completely in detail.

Then I took the bike out for a test ride, and made a few more tweaks to some settings for my own comfort.

The results: Two years and countless rides, including 3 very long multiple day rides. Once I get on the highway, I set it, and forget about monitoring the speed of my bike.

The cruise control has given me flawless performance, and the guys at MCC were very prompt in responses when I was purchasing it, and they were prompt in responses when I had some questions after the installation.

I would highly recommend this cruise control. It is safe and it eliminates throttle hand fatigue on long rides. Thanks for a great product. Looking forward to my two long trips this summer, including one to Canada in July. Thanks for a great product.

Alan - 26 April, 2015 Roebling NJ

 Honda F6B

I just wanted to take a minute to let you know that two days ago I successfully installed your MCCruise product for the Honda Gold Wing GL1800 F6B (Bagger) on my own bike, and what a terrific experience it was.

From my first pre-order e-mail request for installation instructions, to the super-fast shipping of the product to my door and the really clear and precisely detailed instructions, I have to tell you I am very impressed with your customer service and the quality of the cruise control product I received.

Since this was my first experience doing an installation of this depth on any bike, it did take me a full 10 hours from start to finish. But your color instructions were really detailed and precise and made it so easy. And the fit and finish of the cruise components was excellent.

When I ran the first post-install diagnostic tests, everything was flawless. And although the first road test was less than optimal (because of long leather tassels installed on the brake lever), the second road test was perfect. The product absolutely performs as I hoped it would. For the past few days and few hundred miles I feel like I’m riding a new bike… a definite pleasure.

Thank you for making this a positive experience. It often seems hard to find both quality product and exceptional customer service at the same time. I’m happy to say I’m pleased to have found both with MCCruise.

I look forward to many thousands of miles of riding with your cruise product on my bike.


David, Glendale, AZ USA



This is a great kit and you are really on top of this installation - you have a great company. And the research and the developments for this cruise control is excellent.  The instructions and details were very detailed and easy to understand. Shipping time was also excellent to say the least you should be proud of this product. Trying to talk my buddy to buy one also.

Best, Dave USA January 30 2015



I went for a 50 mile test ride today, I tested the CC at low, med, and high speed, up hills and down hills, and a bit of freeway. Here are the issues I found with the unit….. NOTHING!!. This thing is great, works so smoothly I can’t even tell when it takes over the throttle. Using a GPS for reference it held 55 mph +/- .2 mph, and I think that was due to some intermittent head wind. I was very careful with the install and took my time, guess it paid off. I went thru a tunnel to check the back lighting and it looks great also. So, other than the steep price (you get what you pay for) this is a perfect unit. You might want to make a note in your instructions about possibly having to push the white e connector bracket down to allow the bottom of the computer to be bent towards the front of the bike to allow easy replacement of the left side glove box. For the most part I found the instructions clear and detailed, although it helped that I was familiar with taking the skins off the bike. This is a well designed and thought out product. I went by the local Honda dealer and my service manager showed great interest in the product, so I pointed him to your website for more information.

Cheers...  Jesse - Roseville, CA, USA 19 September, 2014

 Honda F6B

Just wondering if you're planning a kit for the KTM 1190s? (McCruise reply: sorry - because the KTM 1190 Adventure is full fly-by-wire from the throttle grip, we can't do it -YET!  We have done last year's 650 Enduro however, so we are learning.)

 I just installed a kit onto a Honda F6B and was impressed - I'm sure I'd be able to sell a kit for the 1190. After all, our customers tell us it's a sticking point between the 1190s and the BMWs. 

Thanks in advance for your reply...

Coeur D' Alene Powersports, Coeur D'Alene, ID

 Honda FJS600 & FSC600 Silver Wing

G'day MC mob,

I have the Honda Silverwing with one of your cruise control's fitted. Just wanted to let you know I went over to Alice Springs a few months ago, and the system worked fantastic. It was a real hand saver.Just wanted to let you know it worked great.


Amanda Mason, Kalgoorlie, WA, Australia (Aug 2008)

Honda PC800 Pacific Coast

Thanks for keeping the Pacific Coast installation manual online.


I had a right side tip over on a steep motel driveway (at least 35 degree angle in the Adirondack Mountains) last weekend and my cruise control stopped working. I remembered what happened with gasoline flooding the vacuum stop valve a couple of years ago when Frank helped me out via email (very detailed email I might add) and sure enough it was full of gasoline. After blowing it out and letting it sit to dry overnight I could not remember if the white end faced the carbs or the vacuum actuator. Not being able to find my paper manual I went to your web site hoping it was still there.


Thanks for thinking of us "old time" customers. I have 122,000 miles on my Pacific Coast and the cruise still works great.


Anonymous (June 2005)

Honda VFR800F Interceptor

G'Day Tony & Frank,

Just a short note to let you know it has been almost 2 years since you installed my Cruise Control on my 2001 Honda VFR800. It is still working perfectly. Up the Hume Highway speed 110 kph, hit the cruise control and enjoy the ride don't have to worry about Speed cameras or radar. It works that well I use it in the metro area, where the speed limits are 50 kph.

I have to thank you as this was the best investment I have ever made.


Bill Fairley (Oct 2003)


Honda ST1100 Pan European


I first installed of motorcycle cruise units to my 1994 Honda st1100 in 1996. It was a wrist saver.


The cruise control worked like a charm. Installation took some time but was well documented. Recently I bought a 96 ST1100 which had an cruise control installed in 1998 and now has in excess of 130,000 miles of use. I needed some help tweaking the unit and Tony responded immediately by email with help and suggestions.


I recommend if you are thinking of buying this product you will not disappointed. Ride well and keep the shiny side up.





Very nice item.


Kit is very complete and instructions easy to follow. Calibration settings make for a very user friendly operation. Looks like an OEM unit.


Not cheap or cheesy.


Fred Hall



Hi Frank/Tony,


Just wanted to say how absolutely rapt I am with the Cruise Control. Must admit the fitting instructions were a tad intimidating, so I had it fitted here at Canberra Motorcycle Center in Fyshwick. Reckon it was the best move too, they did an excellent, neat, tidy and professional job. It was fitted and ready just in time for the Snowy Ride.


I headed off down the Highway of Blue Light from Canberra to Cooma that Saturday morning with a much more pleasant ambiance pervading the long boring stretches. Must be human nature, you just want to get the straight bits behind you quickly, in order to start in on the swervery! There is nothing quite like recovering from spotting Mr. Plod radar gunning for you, and then looking at your speedo with relief because it is obediently doing the right numbers under the wise tutelage of the omniscient Cruise Control. My small self-satisfied grin was hidden by my helmet as I passed the red and blues - but I could not resist a restrained wave!


Just wanted to let you know I've had my mind set on one of these since I first spotted your ad in Australian Road Rider in 2004. Unfortunately, lack of spare Shekels kept me from getting one earlier (I've two teenage girls) but all good things come to those that do salt away into little stashes! I appreciate all your help, and wanted to say thank you for a really exceptional product.


You've thought through this stuff pretty much in detail and it pays off.


Keep up the good work!



Honda CBR1100XX Customer Feedback

Hey there guys,

Just felt compelled to drop you a line to praise you all for an absolutely top notch product. After having it fitted to my CBR1100XX, (which I was told was a breeze) I took the bike for a run on the weekend fully loaded with panniers, top box and of course my wife.

Now to say the unit operates as smooth as a babies bum is nothing short of an understatement, I am totally wrapped, this gear is the "Ducks Nuts" and easily the best decision I've ever made regarding the bike. Even on a bike with the sheer power that the BlackBird possesses this unit is put simply the icing on the cake.

With this baby on board you really do own the road with comfort, ease of use and lack of throttle hand fatigue.

Thank guys, hope to see you on the road sometime.


Arthur, Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia


Honda VFR1200F


 I enjoyed riding with the cruise control on the trip back to Wagga Wagga? about 470kms. It took a lot of pressure of the wrists and the mind with most time devoted to enjoying the ride.

 I rode near the speed limit all the time tapping a couple of increments up or down when needed. It was a bit chuggy down around 50 k/h (in 6th gear), but I am not worried about that. Probably should lock it into 3rd or 4th gear. As yet haven?t done much experimenting. Fuel economy was around 18 km/litre. Not much different. Maybe a bit better.

 Anyway thanks again for your service.

 Tom, NSW, Australia (June, 2011)

Hello all.

As of this afternoon, I completed the install of my MCCruise electronic cruise unit on my '99 VFR800. (AKA GL800RR) After corresponding with Frank Guymer of MCsetup in Australia, I ordered it from Alan Cannon in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Alan is the Canadian distributor for MCsetup. He is also a fellow rider. (Kawi Concours) Alan bought a cruise unit for his own bike and liked it so much, he went into business selling them. Thanks Al and Frank! Great job by all!

Installation was straightforward, and including stripping/reinstalling the Klingon's cloaking device, took about 6 hours (really taking my time and double checking everything). The kit contained absolutely everything required to fit it to the bike. Even copious quantities of zip-ties in varying lengths. The directions were clear and concise. It truly is plug and play with no cutting or snipping or soldering necessary.

After getting everything flanged up, I went for a ride and immediately started up the biggest hill I could find, in high gear and the bike would climb it without wavering speed at all. The only thing I noticed was a bit of "hunting" on level ground at lower speeds (around 25-35mph, but no problems at highway speeds). This was easily tuned out by adjusting the sensitivity of the unit to the "low" position. There are three positions to adjust the sensitivity, low, medium and high. MCsetup recommends the medium position, but I found that the low setting cured my hunting problem. YMMV.

I cannot tell you all how cool it is to have my right hand freed from the throttle grip. I only went for a =BD hour ride on the highway, but the freedom to stretch and relax my hand and arm, and to alternate arms was just marvelous. The unit will pay for itself in reduced fatigue on the way to&from California for WSB/AMA at Laguna.

For any of you concerned with the safety aspect of the unit, don't be. It has numerous built-in features that make it completely safe. For example: The unit is tied into the ignition and if there is a rapid increase in RPM, the unit disengages. I tested it by pulling in the clutch while cruising at 5000 rpm in 6th gear. By 6500, the unit had cut out and the revs only rose to 7000 before falling off. This feature is adjustable as well, but I feel it works well enough as is, so I left it alone. There are also other failsafe features and that makes me feel very secure about using the cruise system. It truly lives up to all the claims made by MCsetup.

It works exactly like the cruise in your car, only better. With the excellent power/weight ratio of a bike, the speed uphill stays spot-on. I saw about a 1% variation in speed going up AND down some wickedly steep hills at 60 MPH. Of course, my bike is geared shorter than stock, due to the -1 front sprocket, but I'll be going back to stock gearing for the roadtrip to CA and I don't expect the speed to vary much then either.

I will not deny that it's expensive, but after you've used a TRUE cruise system, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. For all you LD riders out there, give it some serious thought. I personally think that if you compare usefulness and on-road performance per dollar spent, the MCcruise beats the ThrottleMeister with one [right] hand tied behind your back. (Pun Intended!) IMHO, YMMV, no relation, yadda yadda yadda.


ROB (May 2001)

Honda ST1300 / ST1300A


Hi Tony,


Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thank you for a fine product. The installation was very straight forward and the instructions were excellent. The only change I made to the installation, was to use cable splices and heatshrink (to weatherproof everything) at the clutch and brake switch connections at the handlebars. The male/female stab-on arrangement provided (4.8mm spade terminals) is very easy to install, but a little bit untidy.


After running through the diagnostics, I went for the road test. The unit performs flawlessly without touching the calibration. I am now looking forward to some longer trips this summer. Great product!!!!




Craig, Ontario, Canada May 2008



Hi Guys,


I just wanted to send you a short note to congratulate you on a great product. I have just finished putting your cruise control on my Honda ST1300A. I think I took a bit longer than most people, but it is installed and tested. It work's perfectly and I can't wait to go on a long ride and give it a full work out.


The instructions were very clearly written, easy to understand, a change from the INGRISH instructions we get from some of our foreign competitors. Anyway, thank you once again for a great product - keep up the good work.




Ian Clark, QLD, Australia (Jan 2008)

Honda GL1500C Valkyrie

I purchased your cruise control for a 1999 Honda Valkyrie Interstate and my friend also purchased one for his 1997 Honda Valkyrie Tourer. We started Saturday morning and installed both cruises, followed the instructions, which are easy to follow step by step with pictures. The instructions are very detailed.

This cruise works better than my car cruise control. Awesome Product. Very happy.


Bruce, Leon, Kansas, USA (July 2013)

WOW. What a great product!

Took me about 3 hours to install, then worked perfect on the first try. I love being able to kick back rest my arms and hands and relax!!! Makes the ride so much more enjoyable.

If you tour you gotta have this product.

Mark Smith

Dear Sirs,

I have never written a note like this before, but really feel compelled to send you this. I received the cruise control unit several days after you sent the email saying it had been shipped.

I installed it on the bike yesterday and everything went perfectly. Your instructions were perfect in every way. I don't think I have ever installed something, especially this complex and have every instruction make sense and work exactly as printed. The pictures were enormously helpful. After going through your diagnostics and buttoning up the bike, I took it for a test ride and everything work just as I had hoped.

The unit is extremely responsive and I couldn't be happier. I work at a Honda - BMW dealership in the Cleveland, Ohio area and am an officer in the Gold Wing Road Riders Association.I will not hesitate to recommend your products to anyone who asks.

Thank you again for an excellent product and excellent instructions.

Jim Hodges (April 2006)

Honda Gold Wing F6B

 6 June 2014

Hi Tony ,

   Thanks for the install info.  Just want to commend you guy's on a GREAT job on the F6B instructions! 


17 March, 2014

 Mr Guymer,

 I just completed installation of your kit on Robert's Honda F6B.

 It was a pleasure to install your product. The instructions were very clear and easy to understand for this 25 year Honda Tech.

 I did this as a side job on my lift at home. My customer is extremely analytical and fussy, which is why I like him as a personal customer.  I'm sure you will get a referral or two from us.

 Thank you for providing a first rate product.

 Regards Kevin, Lancaster PA USA

 18 March, 2014



I took my first ride with your cruise on my 2013 F6B and to say I am impressed would be an understatement. After having Wing factory cruise on a few previous Wings I believe yours works as well, if not better, than the factory units. Smooth, precise and with the built-in safety features, it is by far the best modification I have had done.


Your assistance in completing the transaction and extremely fast shipping and constant communication were appreciated.


Thank you again,


Bob, Mohnton PA USA


P.S. Feel free to mail me business cards if you'd like...The F6B's get attention wherever they go and I can assure you every F6B owner (and any other make bike owner) that I talk to, will be hearing about your products.




28 April, 2014


Hi Frank and Tony,


I would like to say what a delight the bike (Honda F6B) is to ride with the electronic cruise control.


After riding down Bell St. on to the Tullamarine  Freeway, then onto the Calder, it started to rain. It rained through to Kyneton. There was a strong, gusty SW wind and pools of water on the road. The cruise was set at 110kph flowing with the traffic and the bike didn’t miss a beat. Even with the resistance of the wind and the water on the road the cruise speed did not fluctuate or disengage. From Bendigo back to Hillston the next day was a very pleasant day for riding, set the cruise and the bitumen disappeared in the mirrors. I was  very happy with the way the cruise disengaged when the brakes were gently touched.



Ken, Hillston, New South Wales, Australia



4 May, 2014


Hi Tony,

As I sit here in Ceduna I thought it was time sent you some of my thoughts on the Cruise Control for my F6B.
I took my time to fit it, in all it was over 3 days with about 6 hours each day.


The instructions where very detailed and I was able to follow them with ease. These where the best instructions I have ever received with any equipment I have purchased.

The cruise control was easy to set by again following well written instructions.  The best.
Operation is is good and the cruise control works flawlessly in all weather conditions, the response to pressing the control buttons is also very good and immediate. The resume, speed up and slow down are very responsive with no speed up or slow downs where it's not wanted.
This cruise control is just the best investment ever for this bike.
Thank you and your team for producing such a great product. WELL DONE.

Regards and all the best for the future.
Robert,  Ceduna, South Australia.


Honda VTX1800

Tony, Frank,

After cleaning all 3 of the solenoids, then putting it all back together, all was well and worked just like it was installed! Thank you very much for all the information you provided, it was a life saver! You folks are truly a class A business, and your help is second to none Actually I think it was starting to stick last year as it was kinda losing on the hills and would not maintain a constant speed within 1 MPH up & down like it used to do. Again, thank you very very much! Jacky

Initial problem: All these years and no problems with my MC CRUISE on my 2003 Honda VTX 1800C. This bike has only been ridden in the rain 1 time for approx 2 hours. It is faithfully stored in a heated garage during the winter with a cover on to keep the dust off. I has never sat out overnight except on a couple of occasions, then with a cover over it as well. This year when I went for my 1st ride after sitting for 6 months, the cc did not work. I cleaned the front brake lever switch connections & all was well. Today, approx 30 days later, I took off and it did not work again. The cruise switch lights as it is supposed to with the green led light. While riding & up to speed, I hit the set button & the tiny led green light goes to orange/red and cc still does not work. Any clue as what I need to look for or any suggestions?

Thank you very much.

Jacky H Westerville, OH USA (Aug 2013)

Frank & Tony;

The first ride with the MCC went off perfect! I can't begin tell you folks enough just how pleased I am with the set up. The Cruise Control works better than any luxury car I have ridden in! The speed variation, up hill or down, was absolutely none!!!! I couldn't believe what I was seeing on the speedo. It maintained the exact speed for which it was set for my 2003 VTX 1800 C. Your install instructions & photographs are superb!

Before the install, I couldn't ride more than 20 miles without my throttle hand starting to go numb. Yesterday, I rode nearly 100 miles without any stops and my hand never experienced even a tingling.

I commend you folks for a great product at a reasonable price. I can now enjoy more frequent & longer rides with the MCC. Please feel free to use me for a reference with anyone thinking about purchasing a MCC for their bike.

Best Regards,

Jacky Westerville, Ohio, USA


Received Item on Friday. Amazing response time on your part. I can't even get something from another state that fast. I installed the item on Saturday. Instructions were very good. The Cruise works perfect, much better than anticipated. Even better than factory installs on some cars I have had.

Your company should be applauded for its remarkable product and outstanding service.

Thanks again,

Palmer, Arizona

Hi Guys,

I just got back off my vacation. Luckily I got the resistor kit for the LED brake lights in on Thursday (thanks for the speedy ship) and got it installed, did the diagnostics and test drive that evening. Loaded the bikes up and departed on Saturday morning for Pigeon Forge, TN. We run Interstate 40 to Knoxville, TN then US 441 to Pigeon Forge.

We rode the Great Smokey Mountains Parkway, Tail of The Dragon and the Cherohala Skyway, then took Tennessee State Road 52 back across the top of Tennessee and then other two lane roads back to North Little Rock, AR. Total miles travelled 1900.07 Total days travelled 7 ( 0730 a.m. Saturday morning - 0900 p.m. Friday evening).

The cruise performed flawlessly and to my expectations both at interstate speeds and on the back country roads. I enjoy being able to set the cruise at the speed limit and enjoy the scenery without worrying about a speeding ticket. I think this is also a safety point since my eyes are on the road and not the speedometer. The speed limit on the Great Smokey Mountain Parkway is 45 Miles Per Hour. All the curves up through there are easily taken at that speed on a motorcycle, so I just set the cruise at 45 and enjoyed The Waltz.

Thanks for making this great product available to those of us that enjoy a comfortable ride.

Danny, Arkansas (Sep 2010)


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