Control switch options


MotorCycle Cruise Controls has two new control switches that can be supplied with the cruise control. Most of our installation manuals, brochures and photos on our web pages will show our original controlswitch which is no longer available.


this is our original control switch and has been in use since 2004 and as of late 2020 is obsolete.

The original design has three large buttons and a small indicator light on the end of the switch next to the ON-OFF button. The buttons have text written on them for the functions. The text made fitting the switch on the right-side handlebar difficult and doing so compromised the weather proofing and reliability of the switch

This is the new control switch which was released in December 2020 and is a direct replacement for the old switch both dimensionally and electrically. This switch has better button feel and better waterproofing compared to the previous control switch.

All the mounting brackets designed for the old switch will also fit this switch.

The overall size of the switch is the same, it has the same mounting brackets and the same mounting holes.

The text has been replaced by pictographs on the buttons.

This switch can be mounted on the right-side handlebar simply by turning it upside down. The ON-OFF pictograph is upside down as a result, but that is the only issue with right-side mounting.

We also have a new ‘slim’ switch available that can be mounted directly to the bike’s handlebar as seen here.

The Slim Switch has smaller buttons with the same pictographs on the buttons as the previous switch.

The ON-OFF button has a ‘standard’ power switch pictograph on it.

When it is mounted vertically on the handlebar, as shown here the orientation of the SET and RES buttons is as shown.

We are gradually adding a range of switch brackets to mount our Slim Switch below the bike’s switch block.

This range started with two brackets, for an Indian Scout (pictured) and the Honda CBR1000RR, but we will gradually expand the range of available mounting brackets to suit other bikes.

When this switch is mounted below the bike’s switch gear, and is mounted horizontally, the position of the SET and RES button are usually swapped, but this is optional.

Slim Switch Normal handlebar mounting.For the slim switch to fit, there must be at least 10mm – 0.4” or 25/62” between the switch block and the clutch lever mount.


If it is to be mounted near the hand grip, the hand grip must be moved or trimmed so there is 10mm of bare handlebar between the hand drip and the bike’s switch block.

All three control switches have an indicator light next to the ON-OFF button. This light has three colours, RED and GREEN and YELLOW. RED indicates power on. YELLOW indicates cruise control engaged. GREEN is used to confirm the cruise control functions during the diagnostic checks and some calibration procedures.
Electrically all three switch are the same and are interchangeable.