BMW R1200GS Customers Feedback

BMW R1200GS Customer Feedback

We have installed two of these units - one on my 2006 R1150GS-Adv and one on my partners 2007 R1200GS-Adv.

We did this to assess the products for performance and viability of import. They work very well when adjusted and set up correctly. BMW dealers are incorrect when assuming there will be warranty issues on the CAN bus system there is no impact on the electrics at all when installed as MCCruise recommends.

Also, on the 1200 there is no splicing of throttle cables like there is on the 1150, so even less impact on the standard equipment on the bike. The install is still pretty time-consuming and complex, and even though my mechanical skills are good I would rather have my technician do it for me as he has done several and knows how to fine-tune the system once installed too.

Although it is less time on the 1200 the unit costs more than the 1150, making our installed price of either unit the same. We are charging $1395 for either unit installed, including the unit. The 1200 installs very cleanly with the vacuum unit located under the seat where the charcoal canister mounts.

P. MacLachlan, BMW Motorcycles of Ventura County, Ca. USA

Hi Tony,

The installation on the R1200GS Adventure went flawlessly. Everything worked as advertised. I'm going to see if I can get several clients together to get on board for K1200S cruise control, possibly 5 or 6.

Thanks again,

Bill, Parts Manager, BMW Motorcycles of Daytona, Fl. USA

This device is the only way to have cruise control.

I used the friction method from Wunderlich before and found it limited. I then saw these guys in Cycle Torque magazine (Australia), checked their web site and low and behold there was a picture of a BMW R1200GS with the Cruise Control installed. It is so good it looks genuine BMW. I have an R1200GS. My pulse rate went up when I discovered that it was true and I ordered one the next day direct. The package arrived when I was travelling on business, but on returning home I immediately booked my local BMW dealer to install the system. is absolutely perfect. I can cruise on the unfortunately boring but some times necessary freeways and motorways with ease. No more cramped or tingling right hand. I can relax and enjoy the scenery. I would deny this publicly but I can even cruise with no hands.

The support offered during installation to the mechanics and myself, but not required, from Frank is exceptional. I have never seen this type of support before. I totally recommend this locally designed and manufactured Australian product for your motorcycle. I ride on a wide variety of surfaces and conditions, from dirt to race track days and it has not let me down. Although not often used on track days ;-).

I can not rave enough about how good it is. Just do it. Thanks,

Paul McWilliam, Central Coast, NSW, Australia

Hi Tony!

Thanks for sending the cruise control for my 07 GSA. I just got back from a 6000 km. ride to the southern U.S. which I completed in eight days.

I wouldn't have been able to do that kind of mileage without my right wrist falling off if it hadn't of been for your product. It worked flawlessly.


Ron, British Columbia, Canada (Sep 2007)

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