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Agricultural Research proves QuadCruise performance is second to none

Research review and statistics prove beyond doubt that QuadCruise delivers when it comes to repeatable performance - year after year - click here to see the details.

TRX400 - Kentucky, USA May 2006

Hi Tony, Just to let you know, I installed the Cruise Control on our Foreman 400, and it works great. You definitely have a great system here, and I plan on showing it to everyone who I think may need one. You definitely have my buisness in the future.

- Scott Flynn, Lexington, Kentucky USA



Thanks for installing your Speed and Spray Control on my TRX450ES last year. I've now done 6,500 hours in the last 14 months and the cruise is the best accessory I've ever bought! I give the unit a hard time - it hasn't even had the boot lid for the last 8 months - but it just keeps on tickin'!

Thanks again,

- Frank, Robinvale, Victoria, Australia


Just a quick note to let you know we are impressed with the quality and ease of fitting the MCS QuadCruise. We fit about 4 per week and there is never any drama. Great product and well made and thought out for the installers.

- Chief Mechanic, Quick Fix Honda, Mildura, Australia

'Southcorp's Clare Estate Vineyard finds the ATV Speed & Spray Control pays dividends

The integrated 'Speed and Spray Control' from MotorCycle Setup (an all Australian company) has now proven its reliability and usefulness in weed control on ATVs. Southcorp Australia, the worlds largest premium wine company, has proved over the last two years that these units assist in their operations significantly by delivering ergonomic benefits to the operator and environmental advantages. The cruise control maintains constant low speeds, releasing the operator from the mentally and physically demanding task of controlling the speed precisely, and integrates the spray system with the speed control, which creates consistent performance. Southcorp's Clare Estate vineyard bought two Honda TRX450 ATVs in 1999 equipped with the Speed and Spray Controls. The operators are so impressed with the improved comfort, reduced stress and their ability to work longer hours that they compete to get the ATVs fitted with the controls each morning. Of the four ATVs used in the vineyard, the 'cruise control' equipped units are always the first to be used. Managers are satisfied with the knowledge that spray application rates will be optimised as a result of the consistent speed control.


The MCS QuadCruise has been available in Australia for seven years now and has proven its reliability in the field. It is relatively easy to install - it is basically a 'plug and play' accessory even though it takes several hours to fit. The unit comes pre-configured and is set up to work optimally in the typical spray speed ranges recommended for weedicide application - 4 - 12kph. The manufacturers have built many safety features into the kit drawing on their substantial experience in making cruise control work safely and reliably on motorcycles. The Speed & Spray Control required a new computer to make the concept work, but the two years of development is paying off. Kits are available for the Honda ATV range (TRX 300, 350, 400 & 450, with the kit for the Rubicon 500 under development). Polaris Magnum and Sportsman 500, Xpedition 425 and Magnum 325 kits are also now available. The Kawasaki KVF 400 will be available shortly. Another application for the Speed & Spray Control is ATV-based fertiliser spreading operations. The company is targeting viticulture, orchards and the nut industry in its promotion of the product - and expanding its promotion overseas. The product looks set to earn valuable export dollars for Australia in the near future. The unit excels anywhere that constant, slow speed over smooth or rough terrain is required. It is now proven that the computer holds speed over rough ground far more effectively than a rider can. Southcorp's experience supports this view with their considerable experience in day to day operations over the last few years!

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