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Electric Servo Universal Cruise Control Kit

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Crimper #61:: No Crimper

Sku: MCSU600P24-850 for CIU

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CLICK HERE to download the Universal Cruise Control Parts Ordering Guide before you order. Read these instructions carefully and go through the check list at the end of the instructions. If you are unable to answer these questions DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT.

In order to get a better understanding of how the cruise control fits and works on a motorcycle, EMAIL US to ask for installation manual/s for models we have kits for, that may be similar to your bike.

This kit is only suitable for bikes with throttle cables from the twist grip to the carburetor/s or throttle body/s. It cannot be used on bikes with Throttle-By-Wire throttle systems that do not have throttle cable/s at the twist grip.

Note that some Throttle-By-Wire bikes still have throttle cables, but they connect to a Throttle-grip Position Sensor (TPS - also known as an Accelerator Position Sensor - APS) located elsewhere on the bike, instead of being built in to the twist grip. Most commonly, these bikes have the TPS built into the throttle body, but no actual connection to the throttle spindle. Several models of Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha have throttle cables to a TPS in the throttle bodies. This universal kit can be used in most cases on these bikes as well, as long as the bike has throttle cables from the twist grip.

This Universal Cruise Control Kit is our STARTER product that contains all the common components that an installation must have. It does NOT contain ALL the parts necessary to complete the installation, so you must read the 'Universal Cruise Control Parts Ordering Guide' to work out what specific parts YOU need for YOUR bike, and add them to the shopping cart.

A Universal Cruise Control Kit is not for the mechanically challenged. If you can't readily understand and answer the following questions about your motorcycle, then you should not be considering buying or installing our Universal Cruise Control Kit. Please check with by EMAILING US before purchase.

The following list of universal parts are required to complete your order (add each to cart):

  1. Universal 'A' Bracket Kit
  2. Universal 'H' Wiring Kit
  3. Control Switch Bracket
  4. Carburettor Cable
  5. - Select ONE of the following Cable Interface Units:
  6. Universal 'E' Single-Spool Kit
  7. Universal 'D' Dual-Spool Kit
  8. - Select from the following (if applicable):
  9. Universal 'J' BMW R-Series Throttle Splitting Kit
  10. OPTIONAL 'G' CIU Cover Kit
  11. - Do you require a speed sensor and magnets?
  12. Universal 'C' Speed Sensor Kit
  13. Magnet Kit

The main questions to be answered are (good quality photos emailed to us will help):

1. Do you have space to mount the cruise control components - cruise control computer, electric servo motor, cable interface unit (CIU), control switch?
2. Does your bike have twin throttle cables (one to open the throttle & one to close it) or a single cable?
3. What is throttle cable travel (how far the throttle cable moves from idle to full throttle)?
4. What is the free length of the throttle cable at the carburettor (throttle body) end of the cable? This is the exposed length of the inner cable from the end of the outer cable or adjuster lock nut to the cable nipple.
5. What thread type & size is used on the adjusters on the throttle cable at the carburettor (throttle body) end?
6. What type & size of cable nipple is fitted to the bike's throttle cable at the carburettor (throttle body) end?
7. Think about where you propose to mount the CIU & how long the cable from the CIU to the bike's carburettors (throttle bodies for a fuel injected models) needs to be?
-In order to do this you have to define where the CIU will go within reach of the existing throttle cable when it is disconnected from the carburettors; and at the same time:
-Choose this place to be within 1150mm of a place you can mount the actuator (under 600mm preferred).
10. What is the most suitable control switch bracket for your bike?
11. Do you want a black control switch or chromed?
12. What speed sensing arrangement is suitable for your bike?
13. What sort of electrical connectors are on the bike for brake light switch, clutch switch, ignition primary (either ignition coil or tachometer) & speedometer sender?
14. What parts kit/s will be needed to be able to fit the cruise control to your bike?

Your online order must include answers to all these questions in the comments section. The detailed 'Universal Cruise Control Parts Ordering Guide' will help you answer these fundamental questions.

The basic cruise components kit will give you all the parts that every cruise control model uses. It will NOT give the parts needed to fit the cruise control to any model motorcycle. You MUST add one or more of the A to J parts kits to arrive at a complete kit for your motorcycle. NOTE that this is NOT a universal cruise control kit that will fit any bike. It is a starter kit with basic components to which the custom designed or other universal components MUST be added. Refer to the separate model list to see what other parts kits are required.

Purchase of the Utilux #61 roll crimper is highly recommended. The Universal Cruise Control Kit requires the installer to terminate a couple of dozen wires AND is required to build the servo motor cable (the rope-cable nipple).

Download the Utilux Instructions:
Click here to see the Utilux crimper instructions

Click here to see the Universal Cruise Control Partslist