MCCruise' Production Manager passed away last Saturday 30 June, 2018

Written by Tony Guymer


Posted on July 04 2018

It is with great sadness and shock that we announce that Steve passed away last Saturday, as a result of organ failure after his first round of 'chemo', having only very recently been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

The prognosis was never good from the outset, but his rapid passing has left us all traumatized in the business and of course at a loss without his expertise, enthusiasm, energy and dedication.  He has been a mainstay in our business for the last ten years and incredibly supportive of new ideas, creative in solving production problems and innovative in his approach to the 'cause'!

Moreover, Steve was a great cook and an exceptional bloke.  We are so glad he got his trip to the big apple last year and experienced some of the culinary delights on offer at that time with his friend.

Our sincere condolences go to his family and friends at this very stressful time.  His loss is incomprehensible to us all and devastating for me personally.


Tony Guymer  - 4 July, 2018

PS Please bear with us if deliveries slow a little while we re-group to compensate for this enormous loss.



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    Folks, sorry to hear your bad news.I think I was put into contact with Steve when I had a local dealer here in Adelaide install your unit on my Triumph tiger and I was getting the run around by the dealer re how teh instalation was proceeding. He rang the dealer and sorted it out for me. Fantastic service and a realy nice approachable manner. As you have stated I am sure you folk will miss him. Regards to you all Don Mackie.

    Posted by Don Mackie | October 31, 2018
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    Tony – My condolences to the family and the team. The pain after a loss can be unbearable. Take time to heal. Steve left a gift for all of you and that was your memories of interactions with him. Initially they hurt, after some time passes they show their true intent, that is the joy that you shared and will always share. Hang in there and thank you all for a wonderful product and support.

    Posted by Joe Van Allen | October 31, 2018
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