Latest News On Throttle-by-Wire MCCruise

Written by Tony Guymer


Posted on October 10 2019

10 October, 2019 -

We are working frantically to build more TBW PCB stock at the moment.  We received the first two PCBs yesterday off the production line and have programmed checked and tested them.  I have just heard that the other 98 will be finished no earlier than 17 October, so delivery is unlikely before the end of October.

Once we have them in-hand we have to load the bootloader, then the test program, test and check every one and pot them.  At that point we will start filling our 30 backorders orders and commence shipping - probably mid next week.

I have another 2000 Omron relays on order but won't receive them until early December - 2 per PCB.  Lead times on electronic components can be 3-6 months these days and trying to conduct R&D and produce in a timely fashion is really tricky – without running out of stock.  Your new PCB is the result of three years development in hardware and software.

I tested it again yesterday on one of the new PCBs and am blown away by how good it is on my MT-09 Tracer.  On Saturday we will test it on a KTM 1190.  A lot more testing to go with the software before we can release it, but your new hardware will be compatible.

There are key differences being released soon:

 The new hardware available end of October – limited to 100 until December – is fully CanBus compatible.  It is remarkable and paves the way for Bluetooth uploads of new software anywhere in the world and has extraordinary performance.  (I have never been super happy with our ability to get rid of the ‘niggling’ over-control close to SET speed on powerful bikes like the MT-09 and many other hyperbikes, but we have now found the solution.) 

  1. The new software will be available once we complete testing and Frank and I agree it is good enough.  He hasn’t ridden it yet.  That is likely to take several months to establish before release.

  2. Our new Bluetooth hardware module is compatible with the modern phones and Bluetooth V 5.  Our first hardware foray was only compatible with Bluetooth V4 and the new phones didn’t like it – wouldn’t connect. 

  3. We have been experimenting with ‘active’ cruise control whereby the BING or Here Technology speed limits are used from your phone location data and they control the SET speed of the MCCruise.  It is great on freeways in Oz where speed limits can and do change.  Not so great entering small towns where it doesn’t react quickly enough to passing speed limit signs, but that could be very different in the USA and other places with better data available – we just don’t know yet!

    We are busy developing a set of ‘rules’ to ensure any erroneous speed changes from the phone data can be rejected by the rider.  (I was on a freeway at 100kph and went over a 50kph road underneath the freeway and the MCCruise app changed the SET speed to 50kph when it shouldn’t have.  This could be potentially dangerous if you had traffic behind, so we need a simple way for the rider to accept or reject a speed change when it is being actively controlled.)

    Like all new innovations, it takes time to develop.  I am also searching for a radar unit small enough for bikes, but I think they are a long way off, but we have incorporated the ability to use that info in the future in our new hardware.

  4. You can see the current mccruise app simply by searching for mccruise under apps on your iPhone or Google Play on your Android.  It can’t do anything until you have our Bluetooth module, but you can see what it looks like.  We already have that unit working on a Honda TRX500 ATV in which a grown man who was hit by a car as a child and has some physical infirmity but loves his ATV, can now ride the ATV with his father on a separate vehicle close behind able to start the ATV from speed zero, increase or decrease the speed AND press a STOP button on his phone if he needs to all controlling the son’s ATV by Bluetooth.
  5. We have three autonomous ATV projects going  in Colorado and California - one controlled by Bluetooth and two by CanBus.  Another project in Davis University Townsville, Australia has smart cameras onboard an ATV and it identifies and sprays weeds in the forest.  Our cruise underpins the speed control for that vehicle.

 So … there is a lot going on and you are more than welcome to put that information out there in any way you can.  We are constantly involved in R&D making our product/s better.



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    Thank You Tony, I don’t know why the email doesn’t work for me but at least you got a hold of me. Yes my dad Alvin really wants to buy one when you have them in stock to buy. Thanks again much appreciated. Very great customer service.

    Posted by Darla Criger | August 04, 2020
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    Posted by FcUIiWAkLnVwaRP | July 27, 2020
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    I NEED this for my 2019 Indian Scout. Once you’ve ridden a bike with cruise you’re spoiled forever. Please, for the love of God, INDIAN SCOUT!

    Manufacturers who make TBW bikes with no cruise should be flogged.

    Posted by Eric Anderson | July 04, 2020
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    Hello, is the kit for Yamaha XTZ 1200 also working on a bike from 2010 (DP01) and do you have any dealer at Europe?
    If not, what is shipping & customs duties to Germany? Thanks for reply!
    Kind regards Frank

    Posted by Frank Raspe | June 14, 2020
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    I will also vote with Raimund for a Vmax Gen2. Mine is the 2019 model but they change very little year over year. MC Cruise helped with my Gen1 but that was the carburetor version would have required the Servo.

    Posted by Donald Larson | April 28, 2020
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    Hello Guys, I would like to buy a cruisecontrol for my 2009 Yamaha Vmax. I’d be very pleased if You’d work on it.
    Many greetings from Bavaria, Raimund

    Posted by Raimund Freiberger | April 19, 2020
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