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2018 Throttle-By-Wire Africa Twin DCT version is complete

by Tony Guymer August 18, 2018 1 Comment


Frank just has to write instructions now for this bike and it will be available.  Not a trivial task, but we are working on it. 2018 Honda Africa Twin Throttle-By-Wire

Honda just keep making things harder and have gone to CANBUS on the tach signal but we got around that on the DCT bike.  Still working on a solution in which the air box does not have to be removed for the manual transmission bikes.  That will take some time - if it is possible at all - so we will release a version where you have to get tach signal from a coil on top of the spark plug in the interim.  Hopefully it will be available in the next couple of weeks.

We have to supply a special electrical terminal extractor tool in this kit.  We have 10x sets right now, but 100x more on order, so the MCCruise kits will be available in very limited numbers initially.  First come first served I'm afraid.

I will make this product available here very soon, but please expect some delay in shipping. (NOTE: We also have an MCCruise for the CRF250L - a GREAT bike!)

Tony Guymer
Tony Guymer

1 Response

Steve Toomey
Steve Toomey

January 25, 2020

Are you going to be making a version of this for the new 2020 Honda NC750X?
My ancient Goldwing(1988) has cruise control, and I am somewhat addicted to it as I mostly do the speed limit which is fine for cruise in the “slow lane” here in the US.
I am looking at getting the NC750X to put on the motorhome, but apparently Honda thinks it is too cheap or small for cruise control. Even the cheapest Hyundai cars come with it standard now. — commuter motorcycles need to catch up!

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